GG’s Rants about Fawnskin

So the comments section has been a bit more active than normal and someone actually wanted to know just how many businesses are in Fawnskin.

Have you ever thought about that?

A lot of people just think of businesses around these parts as those that actually have a physical building that customer can enter–however that is really misleading.

Also, it is really hard to determine just how many businesses are here because the business search option of the county does not allow searching by town online.

As far as Fawnskin downtown, there are ten brick and mortar stores: North Shore Tavern, NS Cafe, North Shore Antiques, The Tee Pee, Gold Pan Restaurant, Fawnskin Market, Fawnskin Realty, Amangelas, Pine Cone Boutique, North Shore Trading Company.

Then there are those on the main drag but not right in town central such as Quail Cove, Windy Point B&B, Captain Johns’ Marina & Fawn Harbor, Inn at Fawnskin, North Shore Cabins, and other municipal or organizational operations including the Discovery Center, Solar Observatory, Forestry Offices & Campgrounds, BLM, Camp Whittle, US Post Office, and the Fire Station–to mention a few.

But nobody really knows just how many home businesses or service businesses operate in the area–and there are a lot since there are numerous professional writers, musicians, artists, contractors, handi-helpers, notaries, publishing company, etc.

There are also four main organizations which include Moose Lodge 2085, Friends of Fawnskin, the North Shore Improvement Association, and the Fawnskin Chamber.

We also have four parks–two that are public and two that are privately owned by organizations.

Add the boat ramp and some of the charter people who operate in this area and you get the idea that there is really more here than meets the eye!

Personally, I am a bit cranky this week over the mountain business community as a whole because there is not a cohesive vision, long term plan or cooperative ventures.

The Amgen Tour coverage skipped Fawnskin downtown completely and if you wanted a close up and personal look at the racers–this was the place to be because the streets were pretty empty–which according to one neighbor, “…was completely ridiculous. There is no reason this place should not have been packed.”

Now part of my crankiness is that I had a long day yesterday but it also stems from the recent cancellation of the infamous Doo Dah Parade which is a huge money maker for the businesses in this town, attracts a lot of visitors here and also has given Fawnskin a lot of media coverage over time.

I’ve been hearing and reading a lot of rhetoric in the responses on this issue and when I chatted with a board member about the decision to cancel I got even more pissed off.

When businesses and organizations continue to fail to work together there isn’t much innovation or progress and when they fail to collaborate because nobody asks–that is ridiculous.

Now this is a valley wide issue.

Case in point, at the moment there are tons of empty commercial properties over on the South Shore these days–not a great statement for the valley and it presents a dismal statement to the visitor and about the business organizations and marketing of the area in my opinion.

Yes, there was an economic trauma nationally but that is even more reason to step up to the plate and get innovative and creative.

I’ve discussed additional angles to lure other people up to different offerings around the valley. This is always nixed–but “might be considered at another time.”

Too late…get it?

Can you say, “pro-active not reactive?”

The valley is limping along but also bustling with businesses, opportunity and unchartered territory.

Things gotta change and they gotta change sooner rather than later.

For instance, I am pretty active online but a recent business person told me that, “I am happy with my business as it is, I don’t do much online and am not interested in it.”

OMG, excuse me–but what an idiot!

The demographic online is a higher income, higher educated crowd AND they don’t use the Yellow Pages–they search online, use social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to find resources and businesses.

They spend money–and if they can’t find you–they will spend it with your competitor and go to towns and businesses that are active online.

If you take a look–the only ones fairly active in the online realm and social media from Big Bear are the real estate people in the area.

Anyway, I am going to end my rant here and continue at another time but I invite you to add any other Fawnskin businesses you know about in the comments…and I am sure you have an opinion–so chime in.

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6 Responses to “GG’s Rants about Fawnskin

  • 1
    Uncle Bill
    July 15th, 2010 14:35

    Since you brought up websites in this post, let me point out that the Fawnskin Chamber website now contains malware according to Google. My browser alerts me that accessing the site will be hazardous to my health. Not a good thing.

    Secondly, I agree that business owners on the hill who do not have a web presence are living ten years behind the times, and are certainly doing themselves a disservice simply to save a few bucks. A decent website costs less than a display ad in the local phone book and provides better exposure, not only just to customers on the hill, but to possible customers off the hill also.

  • 2
    July 15th, 2010 22:18

    I will buy from a business that has a website and online shopping over one that doesn’t. Even local businesses. Online shopping is convienient because I work outside the home, and sometimes I dont feel like running all over town and fighting the traffic. I can’t imagine why someone would not want to market their business to not only on the hill and off the hill, but globally as well, especfially considering all the international visitors we get up here all the time. Mind-boggeling!

  • 3
    GG (Gossip Girl)
    July 16th, 2010 11:44

    Yep, I agree. Makes no sense and some do such an awful job with the site that they might as well not have one! In fact, the Fawnskin Flyer comes up in a lot of results for businesses in the area simply because it works!

  • 4
    GG (Gossip Girl)
    July 16th, 2010 11:46

    Yes, I saw that. They approached me about running it before but not empowering me to do what I needed to do so I didn’t get involved.

    In fact, when the chamber was new they asked for a big and then stupidly had someone do it for free and not tell me. When you don’t do things right it tends to bite you in the butt later.

  • 5
    Uncle Bill
    July 16th, 2010 12:26

    If the Fawnskin Chamber website has truly been compromised, it is in everyone’s best interest to correct the problem as quickly as possible, especially those who have linked to the site. Purging nasty html source code is not rocket science. I’d offer to do it myself if I knew who to contact.

  • 6
    GG (Gossip Girl)
    July 16th, 2010 14:05

    Good luck with that. Call North Shore Trading Company–there isn’t a dedicated chamber line that I know of.