Rebels of Fawnskin & Doo Dah

One of the reasons that I enjoy living in Fawnskin is because the place is filled with independent minds and renegades.

In fact, I think that is a prerequisite to being able to live here.

Which is why, of course, I fit right in.

True to form, I was alerted to the fact that many of the local Fawnskin Folks were going to participate in a “Doo Dah Walk” on Saturday in spite of the fact that the official Doo Dah Parade was cancelled.

The spirit of Fawnskin is this, “You can’t tell us we can’t do something ‘cuz we are gonna just do it anyway.”

And so, we had a parade of sorts…which was a good thing since people had driven up for the darn thing and had picked the spots to place there chairs and were waiting for something to happen.

Happen it did–including a renegade member of the Fawnskin Airforce who buzzed the town prior to the walk.

Ain’t it grand?

My faith is restored in the individuals of this town whose spirit is such that you just can’t squelch it.

There were several of us on hand to catch the historic moment and you can see Tom’s Doo Dah Walk photos here and Rick’s Doo Dah Walk photos here.

True to form, it was silly, unorganized and filled with the true spirit of Fawnskin.

Enough said.

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2 Responses to “Rebels of Fawnskin & Doo Dah

  • 1
    July 26th, 2010 14:21

    Absolutely wonderful and yes, welcome to Fawnskin!

    P.S. – I vote Bradley for King (or Queen) and Chris for Queen

  • 2
    Shadow's Mom
    July 26th, 2010 19:30

    Love the Fawnskiners! Yay! Wish that I could have been there to join in the fun!