The Doo Dah Dump

This from Correspondent Rick who asked me to hold it until it was published at the Grizzly. I’ll be back with more news a bit later.

Who killed the Doo Dah Parade? In the Bear Valley’s latest game of Clue there’s plenty of suspects: Old Miners Day committee, North Shore Improvement Association and the Fawnskin Chamber of Commerce. The weapon delivered a double-barreled blast of not-my-job and lethargy with a hip-shot of neglect.

What a sad, pitiful travesty when a cultural icon is severely wounded if not killed. In these less than optimistic times, we all need some fun. The Doo Dah was an outlet for grins all around. The participants were from all facets of the Valley, demonstrated creativity and promoted joy by their antics. The crowds were always involved and as much a part of the parade as the participants. Fortunately civility and good taste were never a requirement.

So will the parade be left in ashes to be scattered by our memories, or will a Phoenix rise up to live a new life?

Currently we have the nobody-is-responsible aka everybody-is-responsible syndrome. Although there may be some justifiable antagonism and harsh feelings, the right answer is to have a community Doo Dah organizing committee with anyone so motivated allowed to participate. Let this committee be a piece of the OMD organization if and only if it’s a benefit to the Doo Dah. The OMD folks have always profited by their association with the Doo Dah.

Representatives from the Moose Lodge, NSIA and Fawnskin Chamber of Commerce should be the committee’s kernel empowered to make commitments for their respective organizations to get the parade done. Said committee could break the tasks into manageable pieces to be worked through the individual organizations. It’s all about goals and commitments.

Additionally, the Doo Dah is a social event that promotes the unique ambiance and general welfare of Fawnskin. That single parade significantly defines the essence of the community. The local organizations ought to step up and excel at what they’re demonstrably capable of, i.e., community service for the benefit of many.

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