A Bear, A Bobcat & T-Rex

fawnskin bobcat
Above: One of the bobcats that lives in Fawnskin. Photo by Rick Fromm.

There has been a bear invading the back streets of Fawnskin who has been seen during daylight hours (which is a bit unusual) but although many people think that he may be hitting the trash cans left outside, Sampson the dog has been making the rounds and is more likely to be the culprit.

Speaking of dogs, Dog Man has been living down the hill and has come up to visit now and again. Apparently someone keeps calling animal control right after he arrives.

He is taking care of all the issues so if you still have a beef, ask another neighbor to have a chat if you are too afraid to do so yourself before calling the enforcement agencies again. He is just getting back on his feet.

Speaking of cats, another wild bobcat was seen in daylight hours tromping around Cedar Dell. There are a couple of fairly large individuals who live around these parts.

Smaller cats tend to be tough guys so use caution if you see one.

Now as far as domestic cats, T-Rex–the sweet little kitty that showed up at Carol’s house was picked up by her owners this week.

We didn’t know who was more excited–us or them!

The family was up vacationing when the cat disappeared and they stayed an extra two days trying to find her.

Thanks to the local network and VCA, the family made the trip back up from Ocean Beach to pick her up and she is safely back at home.

Now this brings up some postal peeves:

To the individual who took the dated announcements of the lost cat off the community board of the Fawnskin Post Office–you should have your butt kicked.

That was really a bad decision and you might have prevented the reunion of the animal with its owner by that stupid act.


Which brings up something else, a while back no businesses were allowed to post their advertisements on the community board. The event board was specific to Fawnskin notices and activities around town.

At the moment a few contractors are taking a lot of space up for their advertising. Uh, how about supporting the Post Office and paying for a mailing to residents instead of cluttering up the board?

Finally, last week word circulated through town that our beloved Betty Sunseri passed away.

Father Joseph Frazier will conduct a memorial service for Betty Sunseri at St. Columba’s Episcopal Church on Saturday, August 21, 2010 at 1:00 pm.

The church is located at 42324 North Shore Drive, Big Bear City, CA 92314 (1/4 mile east of Stanfield Cutoff). Tel (909)866-7239.

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2 Responses to “A Bear, A Bobcat & T-Rex

  • 1
    Friend of Dogman
    August 28th, 2010 11:52

    Dear GG, Thanks for the comment about dogman. He can barely keep up with the complaints. Once he gets cited for one thing & corrects that, he gets another citation regarding additional problems ( & these are things which should have been in the first citation !). Looks to me like someone really doesn’t like this guy. Why ? The neighborhood should show a devoted Fawnskin neighbor, like he is, a little more respect. I’m part of a family who has lived in Fawnskin (mostly full time) since the early 1950’s & we’ve seen people come & go & I can say that he is a good neighbor who would drop everything to assist a neighbor in need.

  • 2
    GG (Gossip Girl)
    August 28th, 2010 12:55

    Thanks Sheila,

    You know you are right, he is generous of spirit and has a big heart despite outward appearances.

    When I was in need he just gave me the keys to his car to help me while most of the neighbors don’t even think about it.

    I believe we should all try to help one another, sometimes we might fight and disagree but one of the reasons I live here is because I like knowing my neighbors and value the diversity around these parts.

    He has been helped by many neighbors and many of us are concerned about his well-being.

    I do have to say that he is also known for his temper and that some people are afraid of him and his dogs and I believe that is what motivates some people to continually take such actions.

    What I find odd is that other reports on others go without citations and without action and that is what gets my goat.