Adventures with Kat & a Mule

gg in a mule

Above: GG operates a mule out in  the “wilds” of Fawnskin

Last week was a hard one with a lot on my plate. I slipped out to Amangela’s to finish a huge project on Sunday.

As I ambled home, a mule suddenly appeared with Kat as a driver–the next thing I know, we were off.

GG is always open for an adventure and so we headed for the hills.

Above: View of the former burn area with ground cover.

The nice thing is that I have not been out in the hills since my battle with health challenges. I’ve been building up my endurance and am hoping to head out hiking with Shadow this week.

It was great to see the ground cover coming back and seeing how the forest is recovering after the big fire a couple of years ago.

Above: Hanna Flat campground was pretty empty after the weekend.

We took a long cruise and managed to see an abundance of wild flowers and other interesting cover and some rock climbers out way out off the forestry road.

The last part of our exploration found us in at Hanna Flat looking for Dominick who had already headed home.  But we were shocked at how empty the campground was.

My favorite (and I did not take a snap cuz I was operating the mule) was the couple who was lounging outside of their RV with their dog and a couple of those fake flamingos stuck in the ground.

Camping in style!

Above: Kat gets ready to take the mule home.

Kat and Mike are volunteering for fire watch and have been prepping for their assignment by taking classes from the Forestry Service and getting navigational tutorials.

So, it was great to be able to join Kat on a bit of a tour in what can only be described as a mountain woman luxury vehicle. LOL

Alas, we had to come home before the mosquitoes decided we might make tasty morsels.

Just a reminder–GG is always up for an adventure and it seems the best ones always happen when I am out and someone asks me if I want to go.

Nice to be able to have the freedom to say, “yes” and just head out.

Ask around, it happens occasionally.

Now if I can only get over to Arrowhead later this week.

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