Fawnskin Blows

“Fawnskin blows” and other silly remarks circulated through the Old Fashioned Picnic on Saturday.

In case you don’t live around these parts, our mountain lake resort community tends to be a bunch of smart…errr…mouthed residents.

The wind kicked up early in the am and continued throughout the day and a fall chill was in the air.

The wind and temperature drop was actually a preview of yesterday’s balmy high of 58 degrees and this morning’s 37 degrees–which lead GG (today labeled as goosebump girl) to build a fire to take away the chill in the inside of the house.

But back to the picnic, I actually ambled over to join the festivities instead of staying sequestered in my house as has been the case for the past couple of years.

Most locals haven’t seen me much at any events but now that I am mostly recovered I do manage to get out now and again.

I was touched by those who took the time to hug me and share their good wishes and thoughts for my sister who goes in for brain surgery this week to removed two tumors around her pituitary.

Since I cannot be there, I’ve been a mess–but we are mostly optimistic.

Plus, it is probably best that I am not there since we’d all be crying up a storm because, well, we are mushy.

A side that some people swear I don’t have.

In fact, I found it odd that someone told me that I was always a grump (grumpy girl GG) when I haven’t seen the guy much over the past couple of years.

Of course, alcohol does tend to distort your reality and his was pretty distorted!

The food was plentiful and yummy and the new Moose Lodge 2085 crew was grilling up a storm.

It is odd to see a changing of the guard and I actually got to sit with Dennis London who has been a grill master of many events around these parts since I moved into Fawnskin.

Many lodge members rushed off for Monte Carlo night–which I forgot to mention.

Eesh, see what stress and age do to this one’s memory?

And Pat, who had graciously agreed to collect any winnings from the brown bag auction, got a lot of grief for winning, winning, winning…I swear her treading back and forth created a worn path in the grass between the stage and her seat as she tromped to collect over and over again.

Todd was busy strong arming recruiting people into participating in the apple bobbing contest and the egg toss.

He did a fine job of it by the way. This was the biggest participation I’ve seen for the egg toss since I’ve been attending the event.

The Heart Lights provided some great music (which I could not hear from my home) and actually sounded better than when I hear their music reverberating through my windows when they play at the NS Tavern.

old fashioned picnic supervisor sadie

Sadie supervises the picnic grill!

Sadie (a dog) the marina mascot was busy supervising the BBQ and did a fine job of it.

She became the official taster–quality control so to speak, but I was a bit suspicious of the guys when they told me she got all the mistakes because she wasn’t moving and I am thinking she was working them over pretty well and bet they were making mistakes on purpose.

I enjoyed seeing a lot of neighbors I haven’t encountered in a while and it was nice to get out for a bit.

Bob and Nancy happily informed me that all the puppies were placed and that they are having a fine time hiking and enjoying quality time with their two dogs now that the puppy swarm is gone.

They won a few great prizes but it was the usual suspects—Snoop Sister Deb and Karin who got me wondering if some of these things are rigged.

Karin won the 50/50 AGAIN and Deb got a few items, her favorite being the Discovery Tour package.

Wondering if she will adopt me as family so I can enjoy the loot too?

Alas, I had to head home to get back to work since I had a couple of project deadlines but it was a great time and be sure you make next year’s event.

I have a guest author participating on Wednesday but I’ll be back again shortly!

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2 Responses to “Fawnskin Blows

  • 1
    Shadow's Mom
    August 30th, 2010 20:15

    Hey, wait a minute! Mike and I only won 1 prize, the Discovery Center tour of our choice. And if it was rigged, hopefully we would have won more prizes!! LOL

  • 2
    GG (Gossip Girl)
    August 30th, 2010 20:47

    LOL it is my job to exaggerate! I actually thought you won a package of tours. Darn it!