Flocking to Fawnskin

This weekend was a busy one in Fawnskin and it probably still is bustling.

In fact, it was surprising to see all the activity and all the businesses were busy with customers and a lot of people spending the day meandering down the block, perusing the businesses and activities.

Personally, I think it should be that way a lot more often around these parts.

Music and vendors were part of the attractions and the antique car display caught a lot of attention.

The antique cars lined both sides of the street.

It was so busy that I actually had to hit the back roads to avoid the congestion–and I was on foot!

Friends of Fawnskin had their yard sale on Saturday but I skirted around it. It usually has a lot of great items for sale.

Moose Lodge 2085 had a DJ and a BBQ that attracted a fair amount  of folks too.

Then there was Fawn Park–which also had a fair share of visitors despite being closed–as usual.

Everyone seemed to be enjoying the nice weather and opportunity to be out enjoying life in a small mountain lake resort town.

As for me, I stayed home in the hammock.

There is something really good about stretching out for a snooze or short lounge while reading a good book under the summer sun as a gentle breeze blows!

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