What’s up in the woods?

So, I don’t know what is up in the woods.

Still haven’t heard back about the squirrel tail issue…

But I did have a nice trail hike yesterday.

It really was my first time out since over a week ago.

Other Wood Stuff
Not too long ago I was sent an email regarding wood but never heard anything again until last night.

If you are looking for cords of Avocado, Tom has a deal for delivery of up to 4 cords (1 cord minimum) on Thursday this week.

It’s $170 per cord and most people are paying him in cash, but if you want to write a local bank check, just make the check to Thomas Brandau and get a hold of him here: (213) 446-1315 cell or tombran44 at gmail.com

I also have a good source of wood if you get stuck–it isn’t local but the guy is a peach.

You might also like my articles on How to Buy Firewood and Homemade Fire Starters.

Fawnskin History
Fawnskin history buff and neighbor Eileen dropped me a note to say that she will be speaking about the Fawnskin history at the Discovery Center tonight (?) at 7:00pm but I haven’t seen anything about it anywhere.

So, call the Discovery Center for more info or maybe she will leave us a note in the comments.

Nothing else to report at the moment but I’ll be talking about camping on Friday.

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