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So around these parts we have priorities and there have been a couple of topics that have been burning in the inquisitive minds of Fawnskin Folks for some time.

The first concerns the missing fountain boys over at Pete’s house.

Now that infamous fountain was an irritant to some but most of the Fawnskin Folks believe in freedom around these parts and so chuckled over the dang thing.

I thought I had a snap but somehow can’t find it–but the boys were gold-tone kids that peed into the small pond in front of his house.

People speculated that someone finally called and complained and the authorities made him take them down.

Others were thought to have crept over in the darkness of the night and removed.

But the plain and simple truth is that they didn’t make it through the last snow season.

Pete said he is currently pondering what to¬†erect over the pond–and you can bet it will be entertaining.

Now over in town, you might have missed the fact that Fire Station 96 (formerly known as Station Squad 49) no longer serves as the host of the Fawnskin Christmas Tree.

Each year kids constructed homemade ornaments and locals gathered to sing and celebrate with neighbors at the station.

The lively event always included food, music and other frivolity such as the Christmas Conga line.

But it seems that the tree was taken down because of the damage the roots were causing.

So the question now is, where will the new tree be and just how and where will we be celebrating?

Finally, just a reminder that Amangela’s will be closed this week due to a family vacation–they will be back serving up food on the 18th.

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