Fawnskin Frosty!

More apples from the trees…

GG has stubbornly refrained from lighting the heaters–which means I’ve been stoking the fireplace and pondering getting in more wood.

In the meantime, neighbors have been speculating over things as usual.

For instance, one of the regulars asked me if I knew that Captain John was trying to buy Amangelas.

I almost choked on my coffee…puh-lease.

The truth of the matter seems to be that he has discussed a joint venture with Pete who has been selling boats over on the North Shore on the west end of town.

That nice realty sign in front of the commercial RV & boat storage area is the property of concern–not Amangelas.

But hey, it is always more interesting to make stuff up–isn’t it?

I’ve been super unmotivated this week, probably reeling from the aftermath of the stress out session earlier in the week.

Could be I am just plain freezing and wanting to go to bed early and then wake up before light–and then just get plain tuckered out.

This weather makes me miss my aunt’s old ranch.


However, I’ve been busy harvesting fruit, juicing, moving wood, standing by the fireplace, strolling outside in the freezing weather, and I even walked over to check the mail and sit by the fire at Amangelas.

Yep, busy week for GG.

Truth be told, it has been pretty quiet around there parts.

Even Mike, the Fawnskin Post Master, took off until Wednesday–what is the town coming to?

Neighbor Bob surprised us yesterday, too.

We all thought he was going to be gone on his overseas trip for a while and so he was met with, “Why are you back so soon?” (In high pitched voices of concern and surprise.)

Thing is, I think he was feeling like he needed to come back to enjoy the cold snap.

Heh, heh, heh. (I made that up, but it COULD be true.)

The birds have been fighting with me over the ripening apples.

I think it is their sneaky way to make me fill the feeders with food.

They were looking all pathetic at me the other day sitting on the rungs of the empty feeder.

Those feather heads know that when it gets super cold and snows heavily that I feed them.

I had to tell them that forecasted snow is different from actual snow fall and to give it up.

But they made me laugh and then they attacked the apple tree.

Thing is, they only take a little snippet of an apple and then move to the next one.

Darn it!

As for the weekend, it is supposed to warm up again.

RD is turning 70 this weekend and is going to be partying his pants off down the hill.

Things around here have been kinda tame and are likely to remain so.

Sampson (the dog that lives with Geronimo on Brookside) has been using his daily escape time to go flirt with the new red aussie down on Comanche.

I always tell him to “git home” and so when he sees me, he changes his pace and high-tails it up another street so he doesn’t have to listen to my nonsense but he has a route to get to this gal and heads out that way on a daily basis.

After a long series of delays, Essie and Royal have moved out into their own home in other parts. I wished them well today and hope they are happy in the new digs.

This means that nice little place on the corner of Mohawk and Navajo should be coming up for rent again soon.

Now lots of landlords are lowering rents to keep tenants in these days.

Just heard of one who was giving tenants a “pay for eleven, get one free” deal.

You gotta love the creativity around these parts.

Okay, so I know you are going to have a wild weekend.

But don’t make it too crazy since Monday, October 11th is the monthly NSIA Pot Luck.

After a nice summer at the marina, it is time to move back to the Old Miller School House.

Eesh, fall and winter areĀ eminent.

The speaker will be Phil Hamilton with the Trails Foundation.

As always, the pot luck will start at 6:00pm but plan on coming early to set up and to socialize with your neighbors and friends.

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2 Responses to “Fawnskin Frosty!

  • 1
    Mary Beth (Baird) Miklavcic
    October 11th, 2010 15:08

    I was going through some old photgraphs of my parents and come across a menus and placemart from Fawn Lodge. I’m not sure exactly when this date backs to but if my folks were still alive they would be in their late 80s early 90s.

    Is there anyone out there that remembers the Fawn Lodge?

    I was just up at Big Bear this summer with my brother and sister-in-law. Very beautiful!!!!!! We didn’t stay just travelling through on our way to Vegas. My sister-in-law’s parents passed away and left them their cabin. We had never seen it before so that’s why we drove through.

  • 2
    GG (Gossip Girl)
    October 19th, 2010 19:12

    Thanks for the note, if you click on history you can read all about Fawn Lodge. It was last open in the 1980s.