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Wow, it has been a long time since I’ve had one of those pits in my stomach but I’ve had one since last night.

You know, the kind that goes with the dry mouth, inability to eat, and that prevents sleep?

I think I am having a stress day triggered by being self-employed and not having payments rendered which means my bills don’t get paid.

If you thought about making a donation to the Flyer and haven’t, now would be a good time to do so.

One of the neighbors told me to take a deep breath and remember that good things happen to good people.


Then another neighbor who left a donation said that they appreciate everything I attempt to do.


Life is good in Fawnskin–but GG is having a mini-meltdown and had to go do some dog lovin’ over on Mohawk.

Nothing is as good as some doggie love.

My post is a bit late because I took a trip into town to chat with my former mechanic about my truck and a few other errands.

This month makes two years ago that I retired the white truck that everyone knew.

But when I tried to sell it to the state, per my mechanic’s instructions, they were out of moola.

He told me to try again.

Now back then, when I did the math, I wasn’t running it enough to justify the fees associated with the licensing (it is commercial and for some reason the fees keep going up instead of down), fuel, and insurance.

Plus it was getting tired with 295,000 miles and so when my mechanic told me to quit putting any money into it…I stopped.

Then I parked it since it also seemed like the eco-friendly thing to do.

Back then, my ex and I were sharing the car so it wasn’t a big deal.

My car fund was there to help me in the darkest days of being sick so that put a glitch in my plans.

However, the good news is that I have been doing pretty well for about four months now.

Can’t tell you how good that feels.

GOOD! It feels good to be able to function!

You don’t appreciate such things until you experience the other side.

Anyway, back to the transportation thing.

It bugs people that I am not running my vehicle but really I don’t think about it much.

Today, I get around by MARTA, neighbors who are going into town, and by train.

I love the train.

MARTA not so much.

But each transportation model has its own unique community–and I find it to be a fascinating study of people.

It’s a writer thing.

In fact, since I ride the same bus or trains, I often touch back into the lives of people after a long absence and find it intriguing.

Yep, you bet that it is going to show up in a book sometime.

Now MARTA is having a meeting on October 18, 2010 about the holiday schedule changes but I am not attending as I would rather wait until they get posted online.

So now for the real reason you read the Fawnskin Flyer…

Here in our little mountain resort, I bet you are wondering about the road survey last week and all the Arizona Pipeline work down at the bridge and Grout Creek.

A new gas line is going in through the creek and down the highway.

Does that seem like a good idea to you?

Perhaps it is easier than digging up the highway but it really seems odd.

Yep, bury it under the creek bed.

Who comes up with these ideas?

Now, on the other side of town there is a lot of pink, mainly because it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The Shirt Shanty got an early start on raising funds last month and will be donating a portion of their pink ribbon design sales to cancer research.

Vons has pink bags everywhere and is accepting donations but I want to know if they give the entire amount over or just a portion.

Anyone know?

Also, the post office has a breast cancer stamp that is a little more expensive but the additional money collected goes to breast cancer research.

We women like that.

Now, it is time for me to confess two things…

First, I am one of the people responsible for all the wind and precipitation because I cleaned both the deck and the parking pad.

Second, I blew it by telling my neighbor yesterday that the weather was doing weird things such as being warm and then cooling down–but that I didn’t think we would get snow anytime soon.


Yes, yes–I know better than to say those things but sometimes I just slip.

So now, I am going out to turn off the water and drain the pipes since it is supposed to snow and I’d rather be safe than sorry.

Finally, GG is looking for some additional writing work and other tasks–because stress reduction is a must–no more relapses for me.

So if you have a lead, drop me a line in the comments and thanks for your support.

Photo Courtesy of Program Witch

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