GG Seen Taking a Lot of Crap in Fawnskin

a load of crap in fawnskin takes new meaningNow I for one am getting sick over all the crap over here in Fawnskin.

If you don’t know what I mean, just take a stroll down to any of the park properties, walk down the road, or head down a trail.

Although people are required to pick up their pet’s poop by law–some people around these parts are just not taking responsibility and making sure to keep the place clean.

They fail to pick up after their pets or to restrain them.

So, when I took Shadow and Katie to the park a couple times this week–I found myself taking a whole lot of crap and tossing it into the trash cans.

One trip alone was worth about 12 poop bags full. I just kept picking up poop and taking it to the dumpster, grabbing a few more bags and doing it again.

Silly me.

Now it shouldn’t be too hard for people to clean up after their pets since there is even a nice poop bag dispenser hanging over in Miller Park where the land mines seem to be the worst.

It isn’t even far to walk to toss the loads into the trash cans provided there.

But the problem is that a couple of neighbors allow their dogs to roam and so don’t worry about it.

Then there is the guy who lives near the park and walks his dogs over there on leash but doesn’t ever pick up after them.

Puh-lease people–don’t make the neighbors have to start calling animal control on you.

And don’t get me started about the home on Brookside/Chickasaw whose yard stinks so bad of dog poop that you can smell it a couple of houses away.

There are leash laws and pet clean up laws on the books so that everyone can enjoy the parks and trails without having to worry about stepping on a land mine.

Kids actually go to Miller Park to play but are often stopped from doing so after parents discover just what a mess the nice grass area is.

I encourage you to pick up a pile on your next jaunt–and if you see a neighbor not doing their doo doo duty–call ’em on it or call it in.

Enough is enough.

Now, in between taking a lot of crap, I actually had a great time with a few neighbors this weekend.

First, I got to finally meet Jim and his dog Tess over on Mohawk in that super cool old cabin.

Above: Tess & Jim’s Cabin

It is a great old place and I forced got him to give me a tour and inside glimpse of the place.

I just love old cabins–they are full of personality and character and we have some unique places around these parts.

Now Tess is always ready for a little action and I was happy when Jim told me she is yet another dog I can kidnap borrow for the day for play and a bit of dog loving.


Above: Tess is an avid ball toss fan!

Now don’t get upset over the last two photos–it isn’t snowing up here yet–I just want to slowly acclimate you to the idea that w**ter is approaching.

BTW things were hopping over on Brookside again since Sandy and her girl pal posse showed up to terrorize enjoy the town.

Cheryl, Lisa, Tammy and Sandy had the place perking with energy and laughter as they kicked up their heels and enjoyed the weekend escape.

Hope and Nacho also showed up and so I got to spend a fabulous evening chatting and warming myself by their fireplace.

The thunderstorms have brought in a lot of moisture and so my bones were chilled more than normal.

Oktoberfest was a crazy, busy place and we sensibly avoided it but pondered venturing over for a local’s night…perhaps.

The Flashlight safari was also reported to have been a big hit–but the big news of the weekend?

Snoop Sister Deb flew the coop (so to speak) to head down to meet other Molly watchers in North County San Diego.

If you don’t give a hoot about the whole Molly the barn owl phenomenon–you might just be in the minority.

She promised a full report and I am fully expecting to see her sporting a Molly t-shirt or something similar.

Finally, there is going to be some more pouring over on the new dam this week (weather permitting) so be alert to the fact that traffic will be delayed over that way beginning on Tuesday.

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2 Responses to “GG Seen Taking a Lot of Crap in Fawnskin

  • 1
    Gorge Lopez
    November 10th, 2010 01:31

    GG sounds as if you were a bit under the weather earlier this fall? I occasionally read the “Skin”. I have not heard you speak of “Handsome Man” for a there a vacancy? Inquiring minds want to know. You have my e-mail.

  • 2
    GG (Gossip Girl)
    November 10th, 2010 10:49

    Been a while in recovery…I haven’t disclosed a lot but I did almost died last year. Fortunately, I have been pretty good for about 4-5 months now. Now it is just getting out to build up strength and endurance…

    LOL HM went bye-bye last year and believe it or not, he did me a favor and it is a great thing. The bizarre part about it is that he still does not disclose we are history when people ask or, even worse, when they try to send me msgs through him.

    Since we are no longer in contact, I never get them until the people see me and it has made for some “interesting” conversations to say the least.