Going to the Dogs

Has it been cold enough for you? I’ve been busy writing, writing, writing because when the weather is like this I am less inclined to walk and hike and more dedicated to tasks that are inside where it is warm.

So there were not any poop bags left in the Miller Park dispenser today when I took Shadow and Katie for a romp in the park.

Heh, heh, heh…influence!

Good sign but there were still piles of poop laying around–only I couldn’t pick them up.

Well, I could have but some how picking dog poop up with your bare hands is not appealing.

Speaking of dogs…you probably knew that last week a few dogs were poisoned (Saylor and Porter families) and although the were treated, two of the dogs had to be euthanized.

So far it is suspected that they were poisoned by anti-freeze. Click here to read about pet friendly anti-freeze, symptoms of pet anti-freeze poisoning and more.

The dog that survived will need long-term veterinary care and so two fundraisers are planned to help the families cover veterinary expenses.

They are planned for Thursday, October 28th from 11am-8pm at the Old Country Inn. All proceeds from the $5.99 spaghetti dinners will be donated for the cause and nearby Scubies Frozen Yogurt will donate 10% of proceeds from frozen yogurt sales to the families as well.

Old Country Inn is at 41126 Big Bear Blvd., in Big Bear Lake and Scubies Yogurt is at 41114 Big Bear Blvd., in Big Bear Lake (same parking lot and you can walk between them). For more information, call Nicole Natzic at (909) 584-4241.

Photo Credit: Mrs2Fat

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One Response to “Going to the Dogs

  • 1
    October 22nd, 2010 09:57

    I will be there on the 28th. I can’t put into words (not polite) how I feel about pet poisners. They are murderers no doubt about it.