MUP in Fawnskin

Fawnskin rattlesnake
Above: I’ll get to this story after I talk about MUP so read the whole post!

So I be you are wondering what the heck MUP is.

Nope that is not a typo for MVP. I mean M_U_P.

You see, GG has started a trend here in Fawnskin.

There is a new poop patrol brigade hitting the streets, hitting the park and going crazy.

Even Snoop Sister Deb joined me in efforts on Sunday…and that’s when it happened.

We discovered MUP.

More Unidentified Poop in the park.

We really need to get some other things going in our social lives around these parts–or at least I do.

However, until I do, we figured we need to get the DNA from all the dogs in Fawnskin so we can identify the poop and have AC officer Jamie issue some tickets.

But seriously, all of a sudden there are all these new types of poop bags in the bin and it ain’t just those bags of poop I’ve been picking up (about four a day).

A new wave of community action is sweeping through town.

You see those park employees have not refilled the official poop bag dispenser and so all of us creative Fawnskin Folks are putting poop in yellow bags, bread bags, weekender bags, blue bags, and even picking poop up with that obnoxious Weekender newspaper.

GG had an insight on that one–because this is a┬ánew use for those obnoxious Weekenders that get tossed in everyone’s yard and driveways despite our not asking for them.

No longer are they a waste of good tree pulp because they have morphed into a new brand of biodegradable pooper scoops.

Never mind that it is probably a subliminal statement about what people really think about the local rag.

Heh, heh, heh.

Anyway, enough of that.

GG’s been down in the dumps (probably due to endocrine stuff since it isn’t my normal m.o.) and my mind has been going on tangents it doesn’t need to be going on…so I made myself hike around Fawnskin both Saturday and Sunday because endorphins can change things up and I needed a big infusion.

As I ambled, I realized just how striking the color changes are in the trees this season.

As I gazed across the valley I saw a checker board pattern of amber and green. Stunning–and even more so with the gray clouds making a contrast so the colors really popped.

Nearby there are some dazzling red maples, and the color change, along with the cold snap, is simply breath taking.

During my strolls I noticed that everyone is working hard on clearing the newly fallen pine needles and leaves.

Stop it right now! Don’t you know that those activities are a sure way to bring in more weather?

Plus, it makes some of the neighbors look bad.

Another big activity over the last two weeks is that people are hauling wood to and fro.

I saw a truck and trailer that were so filled with wood that the wheel wells barely let the tires rotate.

It made me laugh and shake my head over it. Imagine breaking an axle for some firewood.

Tsk, Tsk. How do you explain that one?

Uh, well dear. I thought I would save some money on firewood this year by getting a permit.

Um, the bill to replace the axle?

No, I’m not sure how many cut cords of wood that would have bought.

Anyway, the wind has been steady and forcing the golden leaves of the aspens to perform what I call the tornado cascade ballet–leaves spinning in a spiral, moving round and round and up and down until they finally hit the ground.

It is the dance of nature and I never get tired of it.

Speaking of up and down, my hike took me around the entire town central and I got to catch up with neighbors, pick apples (mine are still not ripe on the second tree), escort a few dogs to the park, and into many other adventures.

The big news is that LaVonne, Bob and Barb have finished decorating their home for the holiday…it is always changed for the season but this year they really have made a big effort and so it is really something to see.

They live just past the cut through alley off of Sioux near Rim of the World.

The problem is that they made the mistake of trying to clear up some of the leaves–and the wind kicked in about the time I popped over their way.

So if those storms hit in the next day or two it is all their fault!

rattlesnake on sioux

Above: What is that expression? That is a big MoFo!

While we chatted, I discovered that they had one of the biggest, meanest, and most handsomest of rattlesnakes show up in their yard a few weeks back.

The Steller jay that was tormenting it didn’t make it and the snake let go and didn’t consume it because the snake was not too happy about the attention it was getting from the family.

Despite that, Barbara got a pretty good snap of the thing from safety of the porch.

Now around these parts people argue over just who handles the rattlesnakes…and now you know why!

This snake went after the fireman who showed up on the scene.

Sometimes it is the firemen and sometimes it is the animal control officers that show up.

It depends on who is handling the dispatch or what door you knock on.

Last time animal control was dispatched, they killed the snake up on Brookside.

Next time, the firemen came out on Sioux, they relocated the snake.

This time dispatch said animal control didn’t come out for this type of snake thing.

This time when the fireman showed up to help, the snake was so BIG and aggressive, it was destroyed.

I understand it from a public safety point of view but I gotta say this was one beautiful snake and that was a sad thing.

But also, I am pretty glad the weather is getting cold ‘cuz snakes get inactive and slow when it is cold.

In my previous career I’ve worked with a lot of reptiles but always refrained from venomous snakes ‘cuz they didn’t pay me enough to be that crazy.

Just give me elephants and tigers and stuff–more to my liking. They could kill me too but somehow death by venom is less appealing.

Uh, maybe death by animals is not appealing at all but never mind that I brought this up.

But since we don’t much of those critters down here (just up on Onyx and Randy has that handled), I’ll just stick to my squirrel negotiations if they ever show back up.

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2 Responses to “MUP in Fawnskin

  • 1
    October 25th, 2010 10:19

    It was a beautiful weekend, too bad I was stuck inside not feeling well. But I did see snow on the San Gorgonio Mtns !!!

  • 2
    GG (Gossip Girl)
    October 25th, 2010 18:11

    Hope you feel better. I’ve been hiking the last three days it is SO beautiful and I am glad the snow is up high and not down at our elevation yet!