Rainy Day in Fawnskin

So Katherine Blanc’s book with Jordan Romero not only has a book trailer but is rumored to have won a medal in the 2010 Moonbeam Children’s Book Award contest–so congratulations are in order.

And, it is better to post late than never in the world according to GG–who spent the whole day working on promotional efforts for a $25,000 grant contest for a pet parenting school.

If you want to help, you can sign up here for daily tips and voting links.

Similar to the Oprah effort, the idea is to get enough daily votes to be awarded the grant.

It was the perfect time to work on such efforts since torrential rain moved through Fawnskin this afternoon.

Yesterday I enjoyed the same thing–in a jaunt across the lake and back.

I love inclement weather since it is so rare around these parts.

Today the air was damp and chilly but not the super cold air that moves into the area in late October.

It is hard to say just what the weather is doing but everyone asks about the weather anyway.

Now speaking of speculation, things must be slow around these parts because rumors are still circulating around town–like the one about the North Shore Tavern closing.

You’ll be glad to know that, just like Amangela’s, the tavern changed to winter hours on October 1st.

It is open from 11:30am until closing every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

So, I guess I need to roam a bit more to find out what other scuttlebutt is circulating.

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2 Responses to “Rainy Day in Fawnskin

  • 1
    Steve Looney
    October 11th, 2010 06:22

    Would like to forward the news to the Fawnskin community of the passing of my Mother, Clara Dean Allen-Hamilton, on 01 September 2010. Folks in the Big Bear Lake area likely would have known her simply as Dean Allen.

    She was for many years a manager at Edelweiss Books in Big Bear, before relocating to San Jacinto. She loved all the communities and people around Big Bear, and literature was one of her true passions.

    She often told me how much she enjoyed and appreciated the local authors, especially when they visited Edelweiss Books.

    I’ve attempted to have her obituary published in the Grizzly, but those folks haven’t responded to phone calls nor emails.

    Thanks in advance for passing the word.

  • 2
    GG (Gossip Girl)
    October 11th, 2010 10:45

    Hi Steve, not sure why you would have a problem since the paper loves the paid obituaries. Sorry to hear of your loss. Since she was not a resident of Fawnskin it really isn’t something we’d normally write about–but your comment is live for everyone to see. Thanks for stopping by.