Fawnskin Folks Say, Brrr!

Above: GG’s Yet To Be Named Therapy Piece

GG has been a wimpy girl.

Even though the thermometer says that it is not that cold she has been layering and firing up the furnaces.

42-52 degrees is a big shift from just about a week or so ago when the temps were 80.

So, brrr!

Shadow and I had a long hike and missed the photo opportunity at the Fire Station 96 yesterday…darn it.

I also didn’t go to the Fawnskin Chamber meeting but am sure I’ll have an update for you soon.

Now I hate to say it but I think GG morphing into HG. (Hermit Girl)


However, I do get out a little bit.

Speaking of which, this weekend some of our more buff residents are going to be biking over to Pioneer Town while others will take the back roads using vehicles.

The Pioneer Town Poker Run with Moose Lodge 2085 is always fun–although a bit dusty.

I went a few years ago and it was a great day that was full of fun and adventure.

But I doubt I’ll be doing that adventure this weekend.

Over here at the homestead, I only have a few apples left on the tree.

I’ve been loving juicing them, baking them, and munching on them. There is something lovely about going out to pick your own fruit or fresh veggies from the garden.

Now don’t think I grow a vegetable garden here…there are too many opportunistic critters around and so many rocks that it isn’t attractive to even ponder.

BTW since I’ve been snuggled in, I don’t have much to report–except that Amangela’s is slowly dismantling and moving things over to the new village location.

I am still not liking it one bit and if I could stomp my displeasure I would.

But it wouldn’t do any good so I don’t. But I do think about it–does that count for something?

Instead, here on the hill, GG has been beading as an attempt at stress relief.

I had another emotional meltdown triggered by a series of events and worry over family and a few other things.

So I sensibly decided I needed to do something a bit more nurturing and distracting.

I began beading with someone down in San Diego last year and found it to be very satisfying and therapeutic.

bead wild creation

Above: Another View of GG’s Trio

The photo above is the three tiered necklace I created with gemstones from two of my necklaces that decided to break.

I figured it was a sign that it might be good to create something new–and so I did.

In fact, I designed it so I could wear each strand alone or in combination with the others…because GG is clever.

Now I use gemstones, which doesn’t make it a cheap hobby. What I like about gemstones is that each is said to have some unique energetic qualities to assist those who wear them.

Because I have a whole bunch of creations, I put a few up online, along with the descriptions of how they can help the wearer–and as a shameless plug, starting today they are on sale.

Take a gander at my Bead Wild store and please note–that not only do they come in a nice holographic box, but shipping is also included.

However, if you live in Big Bear you probably should come over and pick them up!

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