Fawnskin Got a Latte

fawnskin latte

Above: Fawnskin Latte soon to be a thing of the past.

So, GG has been spending a lot of time down at Amangela’s and popping in when she has a chance…and then sulking about the thought of their imminent move.

Tim Wood let me snap the photo of his foo-foo drink. Well, maybe that is stretching the truth.

Which I never do–heh, heh, heh.

He actually didn’t have much of a choice!

Amangela’s has been packed since the formal announcement of their move. We hope it is a good one–but we Fawnskin Folks hate to lose a good thing.

Now, as soon as I complained about the cold, it warmed up.

Go figure.

So instead of hiking on Sunday, I spent the day doing some cleaning I wasn’t up to doing earlier in the year.

Why are vertical blinds such a pain?

I was out scrubbing and actually got some color while I was at it!

The Arizona Pipeline asphalt crew was hard at work fixing that lousy patch job I wrote about a little while ago.

They were waiting for the delivery of more material so we had a short time to chat before it arrived.

GG is happy that they took a lot of time to smooth things out, so to speak.

And imagine my surprise to hear an announcement that Snow Summit might open this past weekend since I know a lot of hired staff who are still waiting for the call to come to work and for training.

Apparently they did open–at least according to the websites.

Early openings usually mean good deals because of limited coverage. It is a good chance to begin getting in shape…

And for those of you who get my emails, thanks for cutting me some slack!


Enjoy the day!

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