Fruit in Fawnskin

fawnskin fruit

So I’ve been cooking up a storm–partially because it is therapeutic and partially because I have all this fruit from the trees and from visitors.

Hope arrived with a basket full of persimmons and I found some great recipes for making pudding, bread, ad persimmon pie!

I’ll have to let you know how they turn out and figure it is about time for the Fawnskin Flyer to put out an electronic cookbook.

Speaking of good eats, tonight the NSIA is having its monthly pot luck at Old Miller Park School House at 6:00pm.

I believe neighbor Eileen will be sharing her Fawnskin History. Who knows, I might even show up and if I do I better bring that pie I just baked.

Ed Gibson was up this weekend as was Chet and I got to chat with Tim and Valli–who are giving their cabin a face lift.

For those of you who keep asking, I did request updates from Friends of Fawnskin related to Marina Point and Moon Camp since you all were curious about the activity over there.

No word yet, although I was promised one would arrive soon.

This weather has me running hot and cold, so to speak, and I am probably going to put up the window covers and light the pilots this week–after a long refusal to do so.

So my big adventure this weekend was a water heater pipe spring a leak but a sensible home always has a drain in the middle of the utility room floor and a little duct tape stopped the spray until I could identify the right turn off value.

No harm no foul.

One copper pipe later–it was fixed.

Now I am pretty adventurous and dismantled the thing but Snoop Sister Deb is married to Mike who helped me to properly install the new copper pipe –and all is well in GG’s world…at least in some respects.

Of course I had to dish him out some fresh pie right on the spot but he also is going to be enjoying some home made chile verde real soon.

Most of you know that Shadow, my hiking partner, belongs to Snoop Sister Deb & Mike who graciously let me kidnap her temporarily and also let me spoil her and her pal Katie (a small bossy dog).

Well, Shadow and I had another long hike that left us both exhausted.

My favorite time to hike is in the fall when the cool, crisp air is filled with the sounds of the wind as it approaches and caresses the amber and gold leaves.

I love the wind in my face and the sounds of the forest. Grout Creek has been running regularly up a ways but it has not yet reached the bridge.

Believe it or not, my dog pal has been lagging on our walks and I can only suspect she needs to build up her stamina too!

Speaking of dogs…it brings me back to poop at Miller Park, nine piles got picked up on my last visit over there.

I was thinking maybe people were going to be nice and keep it clean themselves but no such luck.

While I lament over the ample piles of poop, other neighbors are lamenting over the missing visits by the cougar and the bear who usually show up this time of year.

I am not so sure that is something to whine about. It is good that they are staying in the forest.

In fact, Hope said she saw an amazingly large black bear on her way out of town on her return trip to her down-the-hill abode.

Many neighbors have taken down their feeders to discourage baiting the bears but it has been unseasonally quiet along with the bizarre warmth–which I managed to enjoy out on the deck while it lasted.

My garden is still going crazy with new roses that bloomed last  week and new purple stemmed aster blooming with vigor while some of my trees have lost their yellow leaves while others are still predominantly green.

Seems like we are all mixed up around these parts!

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