Not so nice ice!

fawnskin mac n cheese

So, I’ve been nestled in for two days now since I am on a hill and surrounded by not-so-nice-ice.

It makes it dangerous for me to head out especially since this last storm had a wind chill far below the outside temp.

I did manage to head out on Monday to take Katie and Shadow to the park (and picked up 20 piles of dog poop while there–in case you were wondering).

Then I mistakenly tried to take Shadow on a stroll.

She has no ice sense and in the end, I cut the walk short.

This was a good decision since people with no ice sense were coming up and down the side roads of Fawnskin.

Just why they were doing so, wasn’t clear–but what was clear is the fact that they didn’t know where they were going AND they were not prepared on how to drive on roads after a snow storm.

GG works from home and so I buckled down and did some of those online management tasks that are done this time of year.

Plus I baked.

The last baking adventure was macaroni and cheese and anyone who knows me understands I never bake or cook the same way twice.

I have never made mac n cheese either and just why I had a hankering for it is something we may never know, except for when I polled my pals about their comfort foods recently, one said mac n’ cheese and then got me to thinking about it.

Now I added shredded squash and made a few other alterations to make one of THE best smelling and tasting mac n’ cheese dishes I’ve ever had.

Alas, I needed more cheese…but it still was great and then that childhood buddy from the poll finally sent me over her award-winning recipe–and so I have to try that before posting the recipe that wins the high altitude baking award.

Many Fawnskin Folks Thanksgiving plans have changed based on the weather.

Lots of people began working at the ski resorts and some just don’t want to navigate the icy roads with visitors.

As for GG, not sure what I am doing.

Perhaps I will head down to Moose Lodge 2085 where they are holding a community Thanksgiving feed for Fawnskin residents and Moose Lodge 2085 members.

Have a great holiday if I don’t get to tell you in person!

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