Drilling, Destruction & Charity in Fawnskin

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So this week the drilling for another DWP well began over on Seminole. It always amazes me just how much construction and noisy work goes on around this mountain lake resort.

Seriously, it is quieter in areas where the homes are right next to each other–the houses block the noise. Over here I get that amphitheater effect.

No don’t get me wrong, I like it here just fine, but it was a whole lot quieter when I first moved here and it just gets noisier and noisier over time.

And what is it with all the big rigs barreling through town? We need those CHP’rs to come back and give out some tickets.

BTW I never got an answer on the tree removal on North Shore despite promises of updates.


Now speaking of destruction, I keep meaning to get out with my camera again.

I already told you that up the street an entire cabin was torn down–at the moment only a chimney stands–kind of like the NS Tavern chimney after the old place burned down.

Down the road there is some construction and that has been going quickly. I must say that I am impressed with the crew because they clean up quickly and are doing a fabulous job. Locals are trying to keep them in the neighborhood as word travels about their work ethic and quality.

Now other than the drilling and destruction, it has been a quiet week for me the hermit girl. (Although I did get over to Amangela’s and braved a couple of short excursions with Shadow.)

Although I know I should not take joy in rainstorms here in December, I have to confess that I enjoyed the recent rain fall.

I got out for a stroll and arrived home in time to miss the heavy down pour–which is good since the wind broke my last umbrella.

Having a covered deck is nice because it means you can sit outside and enjoy the elements without getting drenched. However when the temperature dropped and the wind kicked up, I gave up and ended up coming inside.

Funny, I’ve been spending more time on the deck since it turned to winter. I think part of it is that I am NOT wanting to admit that the season has changed again–and since the weather keeps going back and forth from warm to cold, I figure I might as well get out to enjoy it while I can!

Now I like rain for a few reasons. First because it means it is warmer and the second thing is that it tends to wash away a lot of the ice.

Unfortunately that is not good for the ski resorts or those that work there…but in this case it was a great thing at the homestead because the last visitors created a big icy mess up on the parking pad.

It was so bad that I thought would remain until spring–but as luck would have it, the rain washed it all away so that problem is solved!

Speaking of parking pad…I told my neighbor he shouldn’t bother calling for someone to haul away their old stove.

And sure enough, we put it out on the parking pad (along with a microwave) with a “free” sign on it and they both disappeared pretty quickly.

I did post the stove on freecycle but it was gone so fast that I had to update the post within 24 hours!

The funny thing is, in most cases you can put things out in this small town and nobody will take them–or they ask if they can.

I like that about Fawnskin and have to say that in most situations where we put stuff up at the street end of the parking pad, it means they are up for grabs.

This brings up the fact that I am pondering a virtual yard sale. You see every time I’ve tried to have a sale here it has been a massive flop. We get bizarre cold spells every time. So, now that it is cold, I figure I might as well plan one.

So how are you liking this ramble? Just one other thing…

Not too long ago I was sharing stories about things people do to help others. When reviewing such things–I always get a warm feeling and you never quite know just how much it means to the other person.

Most of the fun of it is anticipating that it might make a difference in their life or give them some joy.

Then there are those time when someone comes up to you and says, “Remember when you did such-and-such? It made a big difference in my life.” Or perhaps, “Do you remember when you said so-and-so? It really helped me.”

The funny thing is, I never remember and am amazed at what an impact just one act of kindness can make.

Anyway, I was in tears not too long ago as one of the locals shared how she was teaching her kids about giving.

It started simply enough. You see they had a car they were selling. Another family wanted to buy it but didn’t have enough money and so asked if they could make payments.

Knowing they were under hardship, the car owning couple agreed to the arrangement and then tore up the post dated check for the balance.

Over time, they would see the family driving the car and learned more about what was going on in their lives.

Things were tough–to say the least.

And so, they talked things over with their kids and, as a family, decided that they would give some gift cards for food and clothing to the family anonymously.

The mom happened to be nearby when the gift was delivered to the father’s workplace and she witnessed how he light up–and got to hear a bit of his story later from the person who delivered the gift.

I can’t share the details, but when she reported back to the family, the kids were really excited about it and asked a lot of questions.

They felt good about the difference it made for folks that they only met in passing. They liked being anonymous givers–giving just for the sake of doing something good for someone else.

It makes me happy to hear such stories. It makes me happy to hear that the kids want to take part in other activities to help others now because it makes a difference in the lives of others.

My wish is that during this holiday season that you take some time to make a difference in the life of someone you know is in need–or for a stranger.

It truly makes the world a bit nicer and a lot more bearable.

And to my anonymous angel out there, thanks–your kindness was much appreciated.

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