Fawnskin Tree Lighting 2010

Now you have to love the Fawnskin annual tree lighting ceremony in all its splendor because it really is a small town living experience.

People show up to get together and the kids make simple decorations for the sapling, err, uhh, tree.

Most folks know that in the infinite wisdom rampant around these parts, that the last holiday tree was taken down because the root system was causing a problem at Fire Station 96.

So, some people were excited because the new tree represented new beginnings and a fresh start, while others were grumbling that they wanted a bigger tree and would have pitched in some money to get a bigger one.

I have a message.

Shut. Yer. Traps.

Don’t like it? Then I suggest that in the dark of night you arrange to get a bigger one delivered.

Now those of you familiar with the Dr. Seuss story of theĀ Grinch who stole Christmas, you know that everyone in Whoville understood it wasn’t the presents or the tree that was important.

Best to remember that during this festive time of year.

By all reports it was a hopping place and one of the few dog friendly tree lighting ceremonies around these parts.

We all were glad that it wasn’t as cold as last year and the turnout was great as a result.

I stayed out late last night, must have been about 6:00pm when I rolled in.

GG is a real party gal but don’t let it get around.

Now, besides that rip-roaring time had by all at the tree lighting ceremony, the only other announcement I have is that the official move date for Amangela’s is December 15, 2010–so enjoy the place while you can.

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