Dog Gone!

Above: Vintage Fawnskin

So I ventured out of Fawnskin and am nestled over at Amagela’s (BTW the gals say, Hello!) for a half a day out of Fawnskin.

This is my second day out this week. The first was filled with silly adventures such as the MARTA bus leaving without me as I was about 30′ away. I know the driver isn’t too fond of me (truth of the matter is that I am not fond of him either) and some people driving on Big Bear Blvd., pulled over after they witnessed the thing.

Fortunately for me, they gave me a lift from Big Bear City to Interlaken, otherwise I would have had to wait for an hour to catch the next bus.

I happen to enjoy most of the bus drivers but this guy is a different story, which I won’t tell at the moment since I need to still deal with the guy. It isn’t the first time he has tried to zip away on me either (but the first time he has been successful)–I’ll just leave it at that.

Anyway, I had an enjoyable day out visiting with some people I have not seen in a while and was pretty tuckered out by the end of the day. But not so much that I couldn’t hike down the road and take out my neighbor’s trash and love on her dogs before settling down for the night.

Yesterday my highlight was discovering two wayward dogs near my house. I called the number on the tag and discovered the owner was at the river and their relatives were in charge when the dogs split. Dog gone!

Now the funny thing is, the dogs seemed to know where I lived. I’ve seen them before but have never met them. As I got them to join me on my journey, I was a bit surprised when they charged down my stairs down to the deck when we got to the stairwell.

Canines have an amazing sense of smell so I figured they scented my footprints and just followed their noses. Because I was going to grab a leash and take them home, I gave them some treats to encourage them to wait.

You know all animal people have treats stashed somewhere. They dutifully sat and waited patiently while I got my paraphernalia together to truck them safely home.

We crossed North Shore (Hwy 18) and I got them safely tucked away–or so I thought. The other canine resident had remained home and  just watched from his bed–and so I gave him a treat for being good and staying put.

However, after I was back home and firmly plopped in my rocking chair on the deck, I heard the pitter-patter of dog paws. When I looked over my deck railing, I discovered the dastardly duo had escaped again. Turns out that the youngest is the instigator and knows how to break out and the other dog happily joined him for adventures out.

So what could I do but encourage them to stay with me and have a visit!  They promptly joined me on the deck in the hopes of more treats and attention.

Dogs that are left alone or outside tend to get bored and the temptation to travel is a big one. These two actually settled in at my feet for some scratches and to keep me company. I think we were all enjoying ourselves if truth be told.

Of course, I found a different number on the doggie delinquent’s collar and called it. The relief from the voice on the other end was a big one. They had been out searching for them. Soon, the rescue rig arrived at my house and I got to meet another neighbor.

I suspect there two will show up again soon. Since I currently don’t have any pets, I enjoy any dog visits I have with the neighborhood animals. Plus, I serve as Auntie to the chosen few.

Even so, I am always alarmed for the pet safety of those who are allowed to roam.

Sampson, the delinquent dog (a tan mutt with a white neck and black spots on his muzzle) escapes daily to go visit his pal the red tri-colored Australian shepherd pal who lives down the road. I am always chasing him home and find it amusing to see, that if he picks up my scent or sees me, that he changes his path to avoid me.

However, he usually begins to head home after my short lecture about the dangers of street life.

The Busy Body

GG has been looking out for a few homes locally. Two places reported stolen firewood and when I asked some people tromping through the driveway snow at a neighbor’s house if I could help them, I got some dirty looks. However, it turned out they were removing firewood but had permission of the relative who owned the place. (I asked them to identify the owner no less.)

Then when I saw another person at a neighbor’s place and called to ask them if someone was supposed to be there, they said no! Yikes! But when I investigated a bit more, turns out I had met their friend that had come up to stay. Unfortunately, not everyone was aware of it.

It doesn’t hurt to watch after your neighbor’s homes and I’d rather be wrong than have the person/persons turn out to be burglarizing the premises. How about you?

Biz Buzz

Now, over on the South Shore, I see that Kenai’s Korner suddenly closed and has some notices on the door and that down Big Bear Boulevard a new Spiritual store has opened up.

The Fawnskin Chamber has begun new efforts to promote members and now has some nifty brochure holder displays that will hopefully pop up around the valley.

Other than that, I don’t have too much news. But have a great weekend anyway!

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2 Responses to “Dog Gone!

  • 1
    January 14th, 2011 13:11

    I probably know which Marta bus driver you are talking about, the one that tries to run me over if he is behind me and Im driving a little too slow for him as I try to get to my job in Arrowhead each morning safe and sound.

  • 2
    GG (Gossip Girl)
    January 14th, 2011 14:11

    Eesh, doubt it. This guy usually does the Big Bear run and only does the OTM occasionally. LOL must be the token problem child for each area.