Fair Weather in Fawnskin

So, my temperature gauge reads that it is 77 degrees outside but given the margin of error normally experiences, I am guessing it is really only 71 degrees since it always reads about six degrees higher than it actually is.  I am missing my old fashioned gauge but this one will have to do for the moment.

This nice weather has been unseasonable but it has been nice wearing only one shirt instead of layers. It is also super to not have to worry about the ice and other dangers found during attempts to walk around town in the winter. I took some time to visit neighbors and strolled up to the top of Fawnskin and back. When I got back, I indulged in lunch outside on my deck. It was so warm that I had to change clothes and abandon my boots!

Reading put me into the mood for a nap but in the end, I decided to write something. I bet you thought I forgot about you. The reality is that my electronic world is in a bit of a snit. The Internet keeps going in and out along with the television. *Sigh* I did finish up eight articles and some edits on eight short information tips for the group that is syndicating some of my work.

Now, trouble with the utilities are a far to common (and dismal) experience for the most part. I already wrote about the downed tree and all the issues surrounding it. Here in Fawnskin you can choose Charter or get a mobile plug-in for Internet if you have a service that offers it–otherwise you are out of luck. Many laugh at the emergency dial-up offered for a low fee, but I use it in spurts more often than I would like to admit, so the back up plan is a good one.

Such is life in a rural mountain lake resort town.

Now when it comes to utilities, I read recently that only the first 30 people would be accepted for the HEAP program by BVES. Seriously, only 30 people? There are a lot more in need so I wonder who is putting that cap on the aid. It got me to thinking, not too long ago I toured with a weatherization person who told me all the things they could not do instead of being more helpful. What was interesting was that the BVES paperwork was endless in comparison with the other utility companies. The weatherization? Pretty non-existent although it sounded good initially.

Anyway, when I came in out of the sun, and turned on the television to check the weather, I caught a commercial with Jordan Romero in it. I hope this is a sponsor who is going to help him. I’ve watched Jordan grow up and after seeing him a few times on national television, I can only hope they get him some media training so he can drive sales of the book about him and direct people on how to keep on top of his efforts. Both would do wonders to help fund his trip to get to the last summit.

So, that it is for today. I am not sure how much I’ll be writing this week. As you know, my uncle passed and I will be heading out to be with family for the huge memorial scheduled later this week.

The final word today? Old Miner’s Days is under new leadership and are seeking your input. You can take the online survey here.

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