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The past few weeks in our little mountain lake resort have been a bit entertaining as I listened to the gossip circulating around these parts. I must admit that I have not been out much but when I do get out, eesh!

Amangela’s is open over in the Big Bear Village and has been open since just after Christmas. One local insisted that they opened on Christmas but on my trip over, I found that they had not opened yet.

Angela called me a few days later to inform me that they finally opened and I happily got in a short visit on one of my brief excursions over to the other side. My neighbor had an appointment and graciously picked me up so I could enjoy their new location and take care of a couple of errands.

Amanda kindly said, “Now that you have been here it feels like home.”

GG is grinning over that one. It made me feel good plus I adore them and their little place. (BTW Amanda’s baby is due in mid-Februrary.) Lots of locals have been showing up at the new location, including many Fawnskin Folks.

The new location is very attractive with coffee and light blue colored walls. It is much bigger with a nice big kitchen that will allow them to do more.

But since GG is a slacker, I forgot my camera and don’t have any photos to share. But, if you are so inclined, come by and pick me up so I can go take some snaps and we can enjoy the place.

The front area is for patrons who are coming in to eat and the back portion is set up for WI-FI access and Internet enthusiasts.

Unfortunately, the transfer of the phone number and the Internet service has taken ages to move and today should be the first day that all are activated.

I also have to give kudos to the Big Bear Lake crew that was clearing the streets and sidewalks of the snow. They did a very good job and were working diligently during my visit.

Mountain Lake Resort Highway Hell
Many locals are reporting problems with highway travel up and down the mountain due to “stupid tourist tricks” and collisions.

The downside to the collapse of sections of Highway 330 down below Running Springs is that MARTA no longer services Fawnskin at all. Which leaves me in a bit of a predicament since I seem to be one of the few people who use the service over here any more.

Businesses in Running Springs and Boulder Bay are feeling the impact and I imagine the local Fawnskin businesses are too.

Now I’ve lamented over marketing efforts around these parts for some time. I think the area has failed to go after a better demographic and I would have preferred to see a trolley or service come to Fawnskin at least on the weekends so people from the hotels and the south shore could be lured over for an enjoyable meal and stroll.

During a chat with an inside source, I discovered that Big Bear Lake is pretty possessive. Not only did they complain when the trolley service came over to this area and the museum in Big Bear City, but they will not allow the Citizen Patrol to use the vehicle they have helped pay for go to other areas.

Seriously, they require the volunteer patrol to turn in the car and get in another one!

Puh-lease. Visitors do not distinguish the difference of one area to another around these parts and that is the small minded thinking that seems to be so prevalent any more.

When I first came to the valley, my business was located in BBL and it was so unfriendly, that when I came back I made sure my business activities were not based there.

Now I understand city limits and such issues but this area seriously needs some creative marketing efforts and other collaborative efforts to re-coop from the financial down turn and recover from the damage.

On the day I journeyed over to try and enjoy the village of BBL, all four of my destinations were not open. At 11:30am on a Monday during the holiday break for most tourists, they were not open.

I have one thing to say to those shop owners, “Are you kidding me?”

Vintage Photos
Post Master Mike wanted me to mention the vintage photos found down at the Fawnskin Post Office. He has posted a notice but several black and white photos from 1971 were found in an envelope with a card (rabbit and some colorful flowers on the cover).

The people in the photographs are Carl, Laura, Cookie, and Glen. Might be Thanksgiving photographs.

If the photos are yours, or if you know whose photos they are, please drop by and let Post Master Mike know or inform the owner of the property so they can go pick them up.

Okay, that is it for me for the moment. Have a great weekend!

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