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mountain lake resort sign from God

So, do you ever get cosmic messages? You know, those messages that are meant for you to get whether you want it or not?

They arrive by a statement a person makes to you, something you read, something popping into your head…you know, messages like that.

And then you drive by some dog-gone sign and there it is again. Seriously, it makes you wonder.

Being a hermit doesn’t prevent those messages from getting to you. Just turn on the television and there is a preacher giving it to you or some snippet from a show, or worse, a commercial.

You know the Universe is trying to get you a message because you can’t escape. The same one keeps coming at you not matter where you might hide.

Such is my life now and again and my sister thinks it is funny. But signs are everywhere, you just have to pay attention.

So, I’ve been busy scheduling, calling, taking action and paying attention to those messages.

Okay, okay–I get it already!

Ever talk to yourself? Eesh, I gotta get out more.

Now since I can’t escape the messages by locking myself in, I figured I might as well get out.

To say I’ve been a hermit is an understatement. And rather than stay a hermit, I’ve been tentatively venturing out.

This week I joined neighbors for a breakfast and then actually attended the NSIA potluck. TWO (count ’em) social outings in two days.

GG is getting wild.

North Shore Improvement Association (NSIA) Potluck
Now here in Fawnskin, we folks have minds all our own. You can’t force a Fawnskin person to do stuff he or she doesn’t want to do.

If you tell them you changed the meeting time, they show up at the original time instead. And so, you have to wait and visit until everyone gets there.

Such was the case on Monday when locals gathered to hear a speaker from DOVES and from Search & Rescue. Attendance was light but the food was good and so were the speakers. But most folks showed up at 6:00pm not the 5:30pm NSIA had hoped.

Kathi Harper did a great job covering just what the funds given to DOVES does for those in need. Some of the numbers astounded folks but I can tell you, I’ve seen and experienced some of the badly behaved up here and I am glad that they are able to help and provide for those who need it.

Jim Lyon shared some amusing tales of some of his adventures doing Search & Rescue along with some painful outcomes that didn’t turn out the way the team(s) were hoping. But we all liked the stories and behaved while we were at it.

Now, although the weather has turned warmer during the day, many of us have been freezing. I’ve been feeling colder than normal and wonder if it is due to additional humidity or something.

But, as everyone knows, just wait a minute and it will change.

The few big happenings?

Mountain Lake Resort BIG Breaking News
Post Master Mike has been informing locals that the mail trucks are getting up here late due to the new route. So, give it another hour or so before you descend upon the Fawnskin Post Office to excitedly open you boxes to, uh, more junk mail?

The DWP was up on Brookside and got everyone excited over the “Men at Work” sign. Because that means something exciting must be happening that they need to repair–right?

Alas, they were just putting in the new service for that house that was built below the old cabin that was torn down on Lodge. (The ol’ ┬áIn N’ Out Burger place.)

Then people were chatting about the downed tree that nobody wanted to deal with and that wiped out a lot of utility services for folks over on Cedar Dell and surrounding areas. Seems that our ol’ buddy at the county yard didn’t want to dispatch anyone to help AND the utility companies were arguing about it until some wise people called the County Commissioner and complained.

Word to the wise, do not piss off Fawnskin Folks ‘cuz they don’t mess around. You just make them madder so that they band together and get you in real big trouble.

MARTA must have read the Fawnskin Flyer because they are coming through town again. Which is good news for me, the gal that needs to get out of here now and again.

Then today, the Citizen Patrol was up my street with their lights flashing for all to see. One of the neighbors did not park correctly so they had called it in and were waiting for highway patrol.

Bummer for the full-time neighbor and I wonder why they don’t pop all those naughty weekend renters that block the streets instead. Last weekend was a fun one. I actually had to ask people to get off my parking pad because they had decided it was a public play area and were frolicking (making ice that won’t melt until the spring) and throwing snowballs down onto my staircase and landing.

What is it that makes people think they can just go onto private property and have a good time without a second thought? If they get hurt, guess whose liability it is? Better get more trespassing signs up.

Then the neighbors had company that did the same thing. They didn’t clear the driveway but romped all over it and drove up and down it until they created a nice ice pack. Perhaps they just don’t know about such things–but it is not much fun when you have to tackle the ice, or worse, try and amble down to town when all paths are iced.

Finally, everyone is talking about Highway 330, here is the official report:
San Bernardino Mountains – The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) awarded the first of three emergency projects on Friday, January 7, to begin repairs on State Route 330 (SR-330). The route was severely damaged by washouts and slides during a severe storm on December 20, 2010, which resulted in road loss and full closure. The repairs to restore the route will be completed in three phases. Phase I was awarded to Skanska and is estimated at $6 million.

Phase I will address the lesser of several washouts on the roadway along with culvert and slope repair. The work in Phase I will also prepare the roadway to allow access for equipment to begin work at the major slide.

Phase II is expected to be under contract in the coming weeks to repair damage above the major washout. Phase III will then restore the roadway at this location and is currently undergoing the planning and approval process.

Caltrans District 8 Director, Dr. Raymond W. Wolfe, stated that his goal is to “safely rebuild State Route 330 for the traveling public and to do so as quickly as possible”. The work to restore the route is being estimated at one year.

The Department is committed to working with elected officials, local agencies, and the public to continue communication as the work progresses. Caltrans officials have met with Senator Bob Dutton, Assemblyman Paul Cook, and County Supervisor Neil Derry, and will continue working closely with their offices.

Caltrans advises motorists who normally use SR-330 to use SR-18 and SR-38 to mountain area destinations.

Anyway, that is the big news round up for the week. Thanks for dropping by this little mountain lake resort rag and I hope to see you back again soon!

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