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Above: Flashbacks to 2010 Snow Fall

As I ponder my return to the snow filled mountains, I’ve been thinking about just how much snow might be still on my stairs.

Why? Because I didn’t bring my snow boots but I did bring just about everything else I might need. You see I know that living in the mountains means adapting to fast changing conditions and being prepared for them when you travel.

Unlike many of my neighbors, I get good sun and so most of the snow on the stairs and decks melts quickly but I’ve developed a pattern of shoveling and clearing that makes the work easier.

Because I am not around to engage in those normal practices, well–let’s just say that it is going to require a bit of work and since I’ve had that nasty respiratory crap, it is a bit daunting.

Full time mountain lake resort residents understand the nuances of snow management but not everyone is sophisticated in living in different conditions.

This is something that I have been pondering over since I am experiencing some of the interesting challenges of being down in the desert.

Each region is different. I’ve lived on the beach (literally), on the cliffs above the ocean, in urban areas, on an island, and in the mountains near the lake shore and in different countries but, truth be told, I’ve never lived in the desert.

In fact, I never have wanted to do so! But the mind of a writer is an odd thing because it forces you to ponder things others might not–and the challenges of living in a place that does not normally support living things that are not adapted to it has me really thinking about such matters.

The intense winds, arid conditions that make the thought that there is lack of humidity in Big Bear laughable, and of course all those other challenges such as thorns, lack of ground cover during thunderstorms, and the recent unexplained power outage.

But I digress…as usual.

Anyway, I do have another post in mind for you but that requires more energy than I have at the moment.

So, in the meantime, I encourage you to review some of the past topics related to snow management and travel.

Since,of course, you are all enjoying the recent snow fall without me!

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