Snow Supervisor

snow supervisor shadow

Above: Dogs make good snow supervisors but are no help when it comes to snow removal.

Snow shoveling and snow removal were hot topics of late since Fawnskin residents have dealt with about four feet of snow over the past two weekends.

Shadow supervised shoveling efforts over on Mohawk, but I’ve found dogs to be useless in helping shovel. My last dog (Clyde RIP) used to try and help but inevitably only ended up digging and tossing more snow back onto the areas I was clearing.

But dogs tend to remind us that playing in the snow is a great activity and that we should enjoy it.

LOL But I know many Fawnskin residents might be a bit sore by now.

What I found interesting was that Rim of the World (Lake Arrowhead) school district called a snow day, while Bear Valley did not.

The only complaint around these parts is that the storms are hitting during the weekends when businesses would rather they hit during the week so that the droves of visitors interested in snow play can arrive easily.

Have a great week clearing the rest of the accumulation and if you have any tips or hints, be sure to leave them below. And if you need help clearing a berm or parking area in Fawnskin, be sure to call Bob whose number is in the sidebar! ==>>

Photo Credit: Snoop Sister Deb!

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