Stupidity & Storm Watch

Winter Tourist Tricks
Now I’ve written about Stupid Tourist Tricks before. In fact, More Stupid Tourist Tricks had to be written as a sequel and I’ve neglected to cover a lot of other events such as the tourists who flipped their canoe into Big Bear Lake last week.

For those that don’t know, the lake is actually closed in the winter but that doesn’t keep the avid fishermen out of it and the odd weather must have lured the duo out onto he 38 degree water from which they had to be rescued.

Now, I have to admit, there was a time I was out with some biologists on Baldwin Lake in the quest to locate the elusive stickleback and it was right before a heavy winter storm. The difference was that we were dressed for it and were out in water that was very shallow.

The risk of death or complications from hypothermia is a serious danger and winter is not the time to be on the water. Luckily the two were rescued.

I am sure it adds an air of excitement to the normal activities around these parts but most of us just shake our heads in disbelief over the stupid tourist tricks–they seem to always come up with new ones.

Road Rage
In other news, CalTrans announced it will close Highway 173 from west of Willow Creek Road, down to just east of Arrowhead Lake Road which is east of Hesperia.

This backroad isn’t paved and is normally only used by a few locals or in emergencies. The decision to close the roadway was made last year based on safety concerns but the whole road issue for the mountains has made people cranky and is negatively impacting mountain businesses and commuters.

Storm Watch
Down here in Joshua Tree the skies are filled with storm clouds but nothing has happened yet. Our local mountains anticipate some snow, which may be a good thing since we’ve had such unseasonable warm, sunny weather.

Long time mountain residents anticipate the most snow in February and March so this storm seems to be indicating that we might be getting back on track.

After last winter, many of us mountain folk are not missing the heavy snow fall. A series of accumulation is anticipated with snow levels dropping down to as low as 3,000 feet if predications prove right.

As usual, people want to know how much snow is expected but it actually depends on a lot of things. The meteorologists are speculating a start of about 3-6 inches with up to a foot and a half by the time this series concludes.

But, don’t hold your breath–only time will tell!

Photo Credit: TobyM

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