Desert Dash

So, as the temperatures began to suddenly drop on Saturday, my desert pal arrived to whisk me off for a weekend of frivolity and the an annual birthday bash of two former Big Beareans.

This desert dash was entertaining since we had errands to do prior to leaving the valley down highway 38.

The journey down was pretty miserable since we got behind a visitor that decided to suddenly break and almost come to a complete stop every couple of miles or so.

My pal insisted she was afraid of the mountain drive, while I, with my true non-journalistic eye, decided she was an idiot.

The traffic line behind her (and us) surged to more than 20 cars. She never bothered to pull over and no CHP was anywhere to be found.

As we headed onto the straight away, just past Forest Falls, she never once pulled over but continued the bad behavior until she arrived in Mentone–where she finally turned off.

In the meantime, we witnessed some poor choices by other drivers. As for my pal, he used the pull out to let all the other frustrated drivers go by and we got to watch from afar.

I am always amazed at how many people actually cross over the double yellow line on the highway to pass on a curve.

Then there are those that prefer to pass on the right.

And, of course, there are those that believe that if they tailgate that the driver in front will eventually speed up.

Oh the joys of mountain driving on the weekend!

We left the storm clouds of the valley behind in exchange for this?

However, we were soon distracted in our rush to arrive at the infamous Martha Green‘s to pick up the traditional killer fudge cake for the┬ámandatory┬ácelebratory excess.

The eight inch cake was $35 but one of those experiences that you must enjoy periodically. It is a chocoholics dream and a diabetics nightmare.

Of course, if you take the time to enjoy the eatery, you can always order one piece, but based on how rich it is, I doubt you could finish it.

With the cake securely placed in the back seat, we stopped to grab some fish tacos since our two hours in the car only meant we were half way to our destination.

Anyway, my arrival to the desert was met with great fanfare by my doggie pals. There is nothing quite like the joyful greeting of a dog–and in this case, a pack of twelve rescue animals.

They had a dog party in my honor and each and every one excitedly met me.

As for the humans, well–they were happy too but it is just not the same.

I have to say though, after two days of party activities, I am a bit worn out and the end of the day jacuzzi meant that I slept very well.

So, I am back in my shorts and swimsuit and looking forward to a week of warm weather–and, if the rumors are right–so are you!

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