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GG is the garden girl this week and it is a joyful thing after not being able to work in the garden for over three years due to health issues.

Now if truth be told, most people would not be thrilled with raking and removing seven big bags of pine needles from the garden, but it is all relative–isn’t it?

Celebrate the little things. In this case, it is a big thing in my life!

When I first moved here, I actually worked a lot in the garden and all around the property.

In fact, I wrote a poem about it and probably should dig it up and post it here.

Okay, okay, I know you are waiting to hear all the news.

But first, I have to ask you how you feel about the defacing of a historic building with a sign.

Seriously, I often wonder about the decisions around these parts.

The Bear Valley Park District not only stuck a big, bright, insanely large sign at Dana Point Park but also slapped one right onto the Old Miller School House.

Seriously, it doesn’t fit with the rustic setting–and those bolts into the siding of the old building? Well, I think that it is just plain criminal.

In my opinion of course, and since I run this thing, at least that opinion matters here.

Now back to my story…after almost two months in the desert, I am nestled back at my abode.

Forget acclimatization back into high altitude after being down with that respiratory crud, because after missing the bus in BBC on Monday, I actually walked over to Interlaken Center.

Yes, yes I am doing better but that was a long jaunt.

Then when I got home, I also walked down to let my furry friends out and then hiked back home.

Suddenly, it was clear that it was too much too soon.

However, I did get out in the garden two days after.

And, I did walk to and fro to the Post Office–twice now.

Now my first Post Office walk ended up taking over an hour. About 10 minutes of walking to and fro is all that is needed but around these parts you have to allow time to talk to all the town folk.

Truth be told, a lot of time is actually spent visiting.

On the first day I reconnected with Sharon of the Pine Cone Boutique fame.

She informed me that she has closed the boutique but that her boys are planning to reopen as a little hardware store sometime in the near future.

I always enjoy seeing Sharon and having a chat. She walks her two Chihuahuas and is often shadowed by her cat, who now only walks so far and then sensibly waits for her return.

You might have seen us visiting up on the bridge, watching trout, chatting, talking to Andy, and then heading over to sit on the bench under the tree creekside. The cat and the dogs kept us amused.

The really big news is that highway 330 will be open for limited hours by the end of the month:

Repairs on storm damaged Route 330 are going so well that Caltrans will open the mountain highway for limited use by the end of the month. Route 330 will open to one-way commute traffic for 2-hours each morning and afternoon Monday through Friday.
Costs to fix Route 330 are estimated at $20 million. (INT)

How many of you are doing the happy dance?

Now I am sure that I am forgetting something vital but will end with the news about the Moose Lodge 2085.

The annual Corned Beef & Cabbage Dinner (with carrots and red potatoes) will be held on March 19, 2011 at 4:00pm. Cost is $10.00 per person with all proceeds going to Multiple Sclerosis.

Photo Credit: ErikadotNet

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