Strolling Along Fawnskin

Grout Creek in Fawnskin

The day after a snow storm always takes my breath away and I love being outdoors. However, I didn’t venture out until it warmed up and the ice became slush.

The hike down my hill was a bit precarious since the snow was knee deep, and when I was lucky, mid-shin.

In addition to the snow, the crisp conditions delayed the mail trucks until Tuesday afternoon and Post Master Mike worked hard into the night to get the mail into the boxes–so today you might find some goodies in your PO Box.

He said that even though there hasn’t been mail until yesterday, that it was nice that people still came into the office anyway but he did not report that anyone brought him hot cocoa! (Come on you slackers! Get with it!)

As for me, I dropped off my mail and then somehow ended up walking down the road…further and further away from my house.

I often think, like my favorite mascot (the Energizer Bunny), that I just keep going and going.

Windy Point Fawnskin

Now, this is a good sign because those of you who have been around these parts for a while know that I used to walk down past the boat ramp and back every day.

Wood Ducks West Boat Ramp Fawnskin

It has been several years since I tackled that walk–and today I was successful in making it down the road to visit Karin & Sugar.

We used to walk together many mornings, meeting in the middle.

Sugar was happy to see me (but was a bit uncooperative in having her photo taken.

It was nice to visit and even nicer to get a lift home since I didn’t want to over do it like I did last week.


All in all, I walked about two miles. Truth be told, it is probably good that I don’t own snow shoes since I might have ventured out into the woods and who knows where I would have ended up?!

Now, the highway is pretty quiet due to highway 330 not being open below Running Springs but the fishermen were out at Windy Point.

They all stood on the road behind their fishing rods stuck in the snow berms. Each and every one greeted me as they enjoyed the warm roads.

Road, by the way, which were completely clear–which is a reason so many of us happen to enjoy spring snow storms a bit more.

Then all around town the plow boys were out clearing driveways–one last time.

I must say that I found it a bit annoying that the CalTrans plows were scraping the¬†asphalt (those blades smoke when they do) instead of doing something more useful–but at least they had working¬†plows.

The wind chill and the balmy temperatures (in the high 30s) motivated me to layer but I have to say I was missing my shorts and swim suit.

Fawnskin Dogs Ammo and Gunner

My buddy, Gunner (the handsome dog standing on the truck window sill) was happy to see me.

Picking up on my longing for warmer weather, my man friend in the desert called to see when I was coming back down to escape the snow and enjoy the jacuzzi.

Another desert friend called shortly after–and so I will be heading down for a short visit sometime soon because the hot mineral pools must also be calling!

I have to say that it is nice to be well received here by my furry friend but to also be missed by my pals in the desert.

GG likes to be loved!

Now I need to report that I also heard from Hope (who needs to come up and visit with her fancy snow shoes). The big news is that her daughter just found out she is pregnant–so congratulations!

So have you’ve been busy stoking the fire, making soup and other warming foods? I have but don’t forget to get out and enjoy this wonderful “winter” white as I am sure spring might be around the corner sometime soon!

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