GG is up a creek!

Above: Richard Garber from Huntington Beach, CA shows of his Rainbow Trout

GG is up a creek can mean many things…but today it means that I am actually hiking up a creek.

Where else on southern California do people get to head out their front door, walk a little bit and hit a trail.

Okay, okay, you probably know of a few other places but I am talking about this little mountain lake resort town of Fawnskin after all.

Word around town is once again centered about the weather. Alan Sharp of Big Bear Marina proposes using the term, Sprinter. But that might get mixed up with the train of the same name or a certain type of runner. However, if I think about it, Wing has its problems too–since you probably just think of birds or airplanes.

Eesh, I think GG has been locked up in the cabin for a bit too long.

For those of you who like to fish, you know that it has been a busy place lately with lots of people catching really big trout and getting to their limits pretty quickly.

Windy Point has been busy but I often wonder about the sanity of those guys that get in the tubes and venture out on the lake when the wind chill and water temperatures make other more sensible folks stay out of the water.

If this early activity is any indication, we are probably going to be in for a busy spring and summer. Which would be nice with Highway 330 closure and commuting limitations.

So, I am going to be hiking along Grout Creek today and stay tuned for some more snaps of the local activities there.

Big Bear Fishing Report
Trollers working leadcore at 3 t o4 colors saw limits in a hurry. The trout are in the one to two pound class and hit Needlefish in a variety of colors. Brass, copper and nickel back spoons all worked , regardless of the color pattern. Rapalas in various colors and styles are getting the job done too. It doesn’t seem to matter as these hungry trout inhale anything that is trolled SLOWLY.

Bait anglers working the North Shore at Juniper and Windy Points; continue to get limits too. It’s all about GARLIC, Powerbait, nightcrawlers, GULP attractant, your mamma’s meatballs, just as long as it’s garlic. Richard Garber from Huntington Beach landed a nice Big Bear Bow fishing the shore off Windy Pt. The 4.88 pound trout inhaled a PowerBait cocktail made up of rainbow and garlic.

Photo & Fishing Report Courtesy of Alan Sharp

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