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tree is hosed

Lamenting locals is nothing new around the mountain lake resort of Fawnskin. In fact, it is one of the reasons I started the Fawnskin Flyer.

I’ve stopped rumors, answered questions, gave a lot of free publicity to local businesses and shared my thoughts and sarcastic comments along with a few personal things now and again. I aired things that people wished I wouldn’t have, and truth be told, most of those things are what others are talking about–I just happen to write about them.

Over time not much has changed. Sometimes people like what I write and sometimes they don’t. Just why I am still working on this project after almost seven years remains a mystery but those lamenting locals always have something to whine about–which is good, otherwise you’d be missing out in between my, ah-hem, exciting true life adventures.

Well, maybe that isn’t entirely true but speaking of whining…

Not too long ago a former local was shaking her head over the technique her husband was using down the hill to tie up a tree. He used one of the hoses they had to secure it. She swore that she had never seen such a thing over her entire lifetime.

Well, it seems that her husband was participating in a new wave of gardening trends since I just saw a local tree secured into position with a hose in much the same manner. So, being a cub reporter and all, I had to take a few snaps of it to send to her. At least it was good for a laugh and you get to see it as breaking news here at the Fawnskin Flyer.

Seriously,  that is just about as good as that Fawnskin fashion tip of the week–using duct tape around the tops of your shoes while weed whacking to keep those fox tails out of socks.

Personally, I thought those gators used for deep snow might be useful but there doesn’t seem to be a product for such a task. But when I mentioned the duct tape in town, shaking my head over it, I was quickly set straight about it. Many of the guys around these parts already knew about (and used) that strategy!

Yes, truth is often stranger than fiction and living in a small town is filled with such educational tidbits and other nonsense nobody would believe was true.

Now, since it might finally be spring, I got to pondering over the foxtails and weeds. You know there are gardening gloves, pruning sleeves, and nifty gardening boots and clogs but I think they have missed creating something necessary and useful such as a special foxtail protective leg sleeve. Perhaps that will be my new product creation–gardening socks.

But then the duct tape people and sock manufacturers would hate me because they have a vast increase in sales due to the existing strategies and so they probably paid to have inventors NOT make the new product…hmm, perhaps that would have GG rolling in the dough!

Now I have only recently been getting out around town and so only just heard that Wayne Parker was having some trouble. He is home now and doing well from all reports. Wayne and his wife Emily have been very active at Moose Lodge 2085 so we are happy about the recovery report.

Speaking of Moose Lodge 2085
On Saturday, April 30th Dennis London & Rick Weston will serve up a late Easter ham dinner for $8.00 so if you missed out on any celebrations, join the two because it is likely to be a merry gathering and good food for sure.

Also, if you would like to participate in the Fawnskin highway clean-up, it will take place on Saturday, May 7, 2011 at 10:00am. Show up early at the lodge to grab your gear and help this place shine.

Now if you are a mother, or have one you’d like to celebrate, head on over on Sunday, May 8, 2011 for a special Mother’s Day breakfast.

Remember, if you are not a member you can join or come as a guest of one of the current members. Check out the monthly calendar to see what you are missing.

Finally, to wrap up this breaking news bulletin, the Bear Valley Community Healthcare District  Board of Directors is inviting Fawnskin Folks over to meet Marc Hecksel the new CEO.  This is schedule for today, Wednesday, April 27, 2011 at the Knickerbocker Mansion located at 869 Knickerbocker in Big Bear Lake, California. The event will take place from 4:30pm until 7:00pm and you are encouraged to attend–seriously, they sent GG an invite to share with you!

So, if you head over, put on your finest and mind your manners because you’ll be hob-nobbing with those highfalutin folks over in the BIG city.

Just make sure to send your first hand report over to GG!

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