Mountain Lion News is Nothing New

Yesterday, a few locals were all excited over the news over at ROTW about mountain lion sightings.

Uh, people we live in the mountains and it ain’t anything new.

Plus, plump pet snacks are rising in popularity among the prowling predators–not just the lions.

In fact, your ol’ GG has covered mountain lion safety tips and cougars in the area before–along with a breaking news photo of local cougar scat here.

So, basically I get no credit for covering the stuff because it is a new year and so a new story.

Plus, our cougar and bears tend to be pretty active around town more around the fall but perhaps this weather is messing them up–it certainly is me.

Yep, weenie girl back from the desert had to build a fire yesterday evening since I was cold and enough was enough–but then I was too hot this am since the night temperature didn’t drop like I thought it would.

Today is suppose to be colder and new storms are anticipated to hit this weekend. Locals are placing bets on whether it will snow or rain.

I tend to watch the clouds, if we get early cloud cover (like now) it tends to keep the temps warmer than if the wind kicks up and blows them away.

No tellin’, not knowing…

Speaking of which, Avalon Investments, Inc. is being discussed at the Big Bear Planning Commission today. What do you think about Big 5 coming to town?

Seriously, I am not happy about how the place has become just like every other town in So Cal with a whole lot of franchises that does nothing for tourism but that locals like because of jobs and choices for merchandise.

Many people fell for the April 1st joke about WalMart coming to BBC–did you?

Anyway, I am heading for town again today. It seems that being gone for so long requires that I make up for it by running errands and such. I am hoping to stay warm and hoping you do too!


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