Something Fishy in Fawnskin

I see you!

Above: Camouflage Up Grout Creek

GG’s been hiking up Grout Creek on a regular basis. There is something therapeutic about being on the trail and checking on the progress of the rainbow trout that are making their way up the raging waters of the seasonal stream.

Lots of locals have been coming out to explore too so I’ve not been the only one. It is comforting to see just how many people express their interest in this seasonal event.

I’ve actually been able to catch up with a few Fawnskin Folks that I haven’t seen in a while.

Alas, this resulted in a good facial sunburn and so you can now see me sporting a nice straw visor in order to prevent this from happening again!

Now I have been exploring the creek at different times but my favorite ambles are always early in the day. The birds and bugs are increasingly active near the creek bed and are an interesting contrast to the fish whose activity comes in spurts.

You’ll be amazed to hear that a number of trout have made it up to the bridge near the top of the trail near Rim of the World but the ground below the bridge was significantly compromised by the raging waters and unless the property owners fix it, vehicle access will be impaired if not impossible.

In my Talkin’ Trout I disclosed a bit of information about the natural history of the fish everyone is wondering about–so if you missed it, best to read it and get the total scoop on them. This was amusing to me since after I wrote it I overheard some people spreading misinformation about the fish over on the South Shore.

Really, I find it hard to believe that not everyone reads the Fawnskin Flyer!

Now around town there has been some big action around these parts–and so you might think some other fishy things are going on around town.

First, a lemonade stand has been popping up and is being run by two of the younger Fawskin Folks down by the triangle. Alas, GG did not have her camera to catch the breaking news but it might become big business as it warms up!

Locals are speculating over the fact that the Hogs Haven building is being renovated but no plans have been revealed as to what might happen in the building yet.

Moose Lodge 2085 will be holding a monthly Swap Meet with merchants from the Farmer’s Market and a few other surprise vendors every third Saturday starting May 21, 2011.

GG will be heading out soon for some adventures outside of Fawnskin and to celebrate my birthday. The actual date was a quiet day and I should really kick up my heels with some friends up North–especially since my sister is  flying in with my niece for a short visit to California.

She is doing nicely–and thanks to those of you who have been asking about her progress!

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