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Halee Marie

Above: Can you identify this cute little baby?

So today is my meeting with the tax man. I came back from the desert to keep the appointment and was stunned to arrive at temperatures 40 degrees below what was happening at my desert palace.

However, true to form, I was out on the deck enjoying the nice view and the sun’s warm rays despite the cool wind.

Shadow and Katie were super happy to see me–plus they were equally happy that I brought them fresh treats!

The trout were jumping for joy (not for me, but in that spring sex frenzy) and also heading up stream so that they could be seen on both sides of the bridge.

Not much else to report but I may be back later.

BTW the photo is of Halee Marie, daughter of Amanda whose favorite auntie Angela shared it with me.

Yep, I am over there munching on a breakfast bagel. Yum, She also shared that great article that appeared in the Grizzly this last week.

Good to be back…

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