What buggin’ you in Big Bear?

buggin' GG in big bear

Not much bugs me in Fawnskin–except actual bugs.

They seem to be emerging just a few days after the three days of snow.

Usually this is an indication of a seasonal change or shift–but not always.

For instance, earlier this year the bees were buzzing away up at Camp Whittle but it was short lived as the weather changed back to winter.

No telling how this weather will play out as it is still pretty chilly in the am and late at night.

Speaking of Bugging GG…

I spent some time over on the South Shore of Big Bear Lake. It used to be that I could go and amuse myself but not so much any more.

GG is bored. *Yawn*

Other than grabbing a bite to eat or shopping, not much attracts me these days. Plus, many businesses seem to be closed when I stroll by.

I’ve had this discussion a few times with others who happen to feel the same way, but as I ambled around I noticed a few things.

More businesses have gone under!

But a few changes have been happening right under my nose–but since I was gone a long while, maybe not.

For instance, A Nightclub is currently undergoing renovation before opening over where The Pub once operated on Pine Knot.

The old Pirates Alley is now called, Home of the Hangover which isn’t a name that is going to get me in there. Seriously? Would you shop there?

Illuminato Italian Restaurant has taken the place of Dongios but reviews are mixed.

Grizzly Mountain Gourmet is gone but Amangela’s is now open across the street.

I love Amangela’s and am still mad they had to leave Fawnskin–but the GMG struck out with me and a lot of other locals.

People, if someone walks in to your business–say hello and greet them. This seems to be a problem of epic proportions here of late. With so few visitors, you’d think it would matter!

Now, back to what started this whole post about What’s buggin’ You (aka GG)…I was strolling around the village and spied some great looking Raku.

The place was closed but I thought I would amble back to feast my eyes on the ceramic options.

In the past, I’ve been in the business. I’ve been ignored by the owner multiple times–and when I was there for a fundraiser, the individuals in my group were all introduced but they managed to skip me–so I introduced myself.

Nice way to make sure you never get coverage over on the Fawnskin Flyer BTW.

Heh, heh, heh.

Anyway, I WAS seriously thinking of going in for a look. But, when I strolled past a bit later, when the place was opened, the owner (who was out front), didn’t even bother to great me in any manner.

Now, I have to ask you–is this a good strategy to use?

Seriously, if I were a merchant I would want to at least be engaging to anyone walking down the empty sidewalk so I might attract attention to my place.

I know, I know, this gallery probably doesn’t need any local business–but it illustrates the point that if you are doing business in an area, at least greet people when they stroll by or come in.

You never know who they are or who they are connected to–or how much moola they might drop.

GG just wrote the district manager of one of the businesses up here since their customer service skills have been lacking of late.

And don’t get me started on the youngster that keeps her attitude up at another establishment. Fortunately, she is the exception to the rule–which I told the manager straight up.

What’s bugging me is that if you are going to solicit business, or set up a storefront, you should be inviting to both the locals and visitors.

But I guess I shouldn’t let it bug me since those that are not seem to be going out of business in record numbers.

So, what’s buggin’ YOU in Big Bear? Chime in below.

Photo Credit: Michael Hodge

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