Fundraising Fridays (June)

Grout Creek, Fawnskin

Above: GG’s snap of Grout Creek

Fundraising Fridays in Fawnskin? Yes indeed! The month of June will be for the Fawnskin Flyer. Remember that survey you participated in sometime back?

A lot of readers wanted a fundraising drive and so I am doing it every Friday through June. I’m thinking it might be a good thing to do for other projects too but we will start with the local rag. One of the things I am hoping to do is to add some lifestyle features here on a more regular basis for the large readership base that comes in from outside of Big Bear so this will help kick that off.

You can contribute using the button on the sidebar that says, “Donate” but it might be more satisfying to stuff my hands and pockets with cash and change when you see me walking around.

Another way to support FF is to advertise on the Fawnskin Flyer. Check out the rates by clicking in using the tab in the header or using the link in this paragraph. Don’t forget that you can tell your friends or business owning pals to advertise since it is VERY targeted to Fawnskin and mountain lake resort visitors and mountain vacation home owners with little competition.

Okay, that is the end of the pitch…for now. And thanks to those of you who faithfully continue to advertise and tip GG to keep the flyer up and operating. I’m sending you lots of love and good thoughts. Plus, I can put in a good word for you down at the temple and all the monks can be praying for you too!

Frivolous Fawnskin?
So Fawnskin isn’t a frivolous place but people in the small mountain lake resort town sure do like to party–it is FUN in Fawnskin! Even so, this week was more about recovering from the Memorial Day weekend festivities. Personally, GG put her nose to the grindstone over in the “big city” of Big Bear Lake as I caught up on different projects and the hopes of finishing a big commitment so I can terminate the contract with a company that hasn’t delivered on their terms (they outlined themselves)!

Clean Up Yer Act!
Today Fawnskin Folks will be getting into some serious spring (or is is summer?) clean up with a shoreline stroll that should be a clean sweep. Locals will meet up at the Triangle today (Friday, June 3, 2001) at 3:00pm to set out to clean up some of the stuff those trashy visitors leave behind. It is a good time to clean up your act as well so consider contributing to the town’s beautification.

Now when you ponder the fact that people come to the area to escape the city to enjoy the pristine environment, it seems odd that they would discard their trash, sh** in the woods, and all kinds of other bad behavior when they get up here. Truth is that they do. So, kudos to all the locals who spend their time doing clean up so we can all enjoy a more pristine environment.

Moose Moose!
Know when it comes to wildlife, we have a few deer but a lot more Moose–as in members of the Moose Lodge! Around these parts the Moose Lodge 2085 members will be traveling to a Legion of the Moose celebration down in Hemet as it is an early morning event. However, back at the local Moose Lodge, Sylvia will be serving up an Italian potluck on Saturday, June 4, 2011 around 5:00pm. It works like this, you bring a dish to share and pay $8.00 which goes to the Women of the Moose so they can weave their magic and fund those requests for help that are submitted to the WOTM 359.

Canine Creativity
KatieIn other non-news, Katie (remember Katie’s centerfold?) the bossy dog is tolerating her highly active neice, Dakota. She is working the situation to her benefit by being on her best behavior so she can get more treats. She also has learned to be vocal, do acrobatics and look as sweet as she can be in case you will break down to distribute more goodies. It apparently works really well for her and now other canines have heard and can also be found drifting over to the yard to share in the bounty.

Good Grief, Golf?
Mike, Dennis & RD had a rip roaring time golfing this week but I’ll let them tell you their scores. BTW par for the course is 35–I believe. Mike is threatening to get me out on the course. Hah! But it seems to be a popular past time with quite a few lads around these parts. Other big boy adventures include fishing and gold mining.

Blood Donor Drop Out
GG is a blood donor drop-out but not for the reasons you might think. I tried to donate blood today but was not very impressed with how I was handled as a first time donor. I actually thought about just taking off but when I think about those who it could help–well, it was for a greater good. Imagine my surprise to find out that I was disqualified because I lived in the UK on the island of Jersey (you know, Jersey cows). Believe it or not, they go back to 1980 and disqualify via FDA rules over mad cow disease–GG got the boot.

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