Getting Buggy in Fawnskin

So the big breaking non-news this week happens to be the annual lady bug invasion and if you click the link you’ll probably learn more about ladybugs than you ever knew you wanted to.

Other than that things around these parts have been a bit s-l-o-w. We did have some party crashers from Missouri drop by–but we couldn’t give ’em heck because they were related to Pat & Roger. Dawn & Brenda are traveling around California but I bet they won’t forget the big adventure here at the monthly potluck!

party crashers

The hot discussions at the NSIA meeting was about the Doo Dah Parade, garden clean up, and the cinders that CalTrans has all over the roads around these parts. Well, there were a couple of other things but you know how I am.

I personally know of two people who had pins put in their ankles, one whose truck rolled over on them, and you saw the pictures I shared when Markie went over the side of the mountain because of cinders.

Last night at 5:45pm they were not cleared up. Now as I was snooping around earlier in the week, I spied Janet Dooley out there with a broom cleaning up around the Grout Creek bridge. So it isn’t clear if CalTrans did some of the clean up or Janet. However, this afternoon the place was clean on one side of the bridge which you can see in this breaking news photo.

caltrans cinder liablity

And for your enjoyment, here is another picture so you can see both sides of the bridge and that “lovely” job they did of paving over the new striping the did just before Memorial Day weekend.

caltrans paving project

Honorary Mayor Candidates Char & Mike Hoffman are not running unopposed but they sure a doing a good job of grabbing votes! Just look at them smile!

honorary mayor race candidates

Our current co-mayors are on a good will ambassador tour of Alaska and Mike & Char said they are going to do a warm up by heading over to Maui. But you can join them when they get back from some Hawaiian hospitality –of course they are going to take your money for it since that is how they can win.

Kathy & Bob Harper are rumored to be entering into the race but nobody has seen or heard from ’em. Go figure, such is the way of this crazy race.

As for the Doo Dah Parade, I already reported that it was happening in July. Rocky with the Old Miners Org spoke a bit but it was a bit jumbled and Joy was piping in so much that a lot of us quit listening.

Anyway, the report is that the city of Big Bear Lake is helping with the whole process so both the Old Miners parade and the Doo Dah Parade are going to happen this year.

I have an entry form to post soon as I can figure out how to do it remotely! Plus, I’ll have more news about it soon.

Finally, after the nasty storms that left Fire Station 96 out of communication with everyone except other emergency services, our town bought them an emergency cell number that will only be activated when things go down and phone lines are out.

I am not going to post it but if you are on the email list, I’ll be sending it out and also adding it to the resource numbers you get for signing up.

Finally, the gardening folks are getting together on Sunday since they didn’t brave the snow for the last work party. You can crash it and help out if you see them around the Post Office garden this coming weekend but I bet a lot of you will be busy with celebrations of other types.

Okay, that’s it for me. This is GG–signing off for the day!

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