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Fawnskin construction

Our little mountain lake resort town has been bustling with activity. First, the road construction has been inconveniencing residents and making their local commute times longer–which is funny when you think about it since most people down the hill commute up to four hours a day or longer and the RT commute is about 20-30 minutes most anywhere in the valley.

We do have a few people that brave the downhill and uphill commute five days a week but I haven’t heard them complaining much. Maybe it is because they are so appreciative that they can now use Highway 330 instead of the detour via the highway past Lake Arrowhead and Crestline.

Get it? We should be appreciative of the inconvenience since it means things will be better for everyone.

So then, if that wasn’t enough, I get home on Friday to discover notices saying that our gas will be shut off during some sort of construction. But get this, there isn’t any date on the notice and you have to call the Arizona Pipeline office at (760) 244-8212 from 7am until 4pm.

As usual, I had to snoop around and I found this Arizona Pipeline blog. Uh, that didn’t instill any confidence in me but I do know many of the guys on the crews around these parts and happen to find them to be congenial guys. But I gotta tell you that landing on a page with a guy holding a Corona didn’t do much for me. Don’t care that it was for Cinco de Mayo–just sayin…

Now I hate coming home to no gas like when the neighbor broke my gas line. It means that I am going to have to relight all the different pilot lights on top of it all. My neighbors are part-time and are gone–I think their pilots are lit so it is a bit of a concern. As for me, iIt is about time to shut down all the heaters.

Anyway it makes it bit annoying to not know exactly when the gas will be shut off. But what is even more irritating, is that when I called, the office couldn’t give me any information on the project at all. They said it might be today or tomorrow and if I didn’t see any trucks it will probably in a day or so.

Huh? Let me tell you–that is not the answer I was looking for! I look out and make up stuff already–which is how I get to report all this breaking news. That’ll teach me to try and be a real reporter!

Locally, like road construction is in town now and so it is going to be a bit noisy. This morning traffic is being redirected over via the dam–and of course the construction over there has taken the NS Drive down to one lane also.

Even so, I made it over to the big city! For those of you who don’t like here–that’s a joke. The big city across the lake has something over 6,000 people on the residency sign but it is all relative since full time residents here isn’t likely to be much over 150-200 despite what the sign claims.

Speaking of local businesses, you might have noticed the North Shore Tavern was opened on Saturday for the motorcycle run. I managed to ask JP what was going on but he was pretty evasive. He did say that until Highway 330 is open nothing much is planned but never gave me a answer even when I asked him a couple more times.

Don’t forget that tonight is the North Shore Improvement Association potluck. Just a reminder that is will be held at the Old Miller School House on Chicksaw and not at Captain John’s. It doesn’t look like I will be there but you never know!

I sent out emails for the 4th Annual Fawnskin Town Hall Meeting. It will take place at the Fawnskin Fire Station this next Saturday, June 18th from 9:30am until 11:30am but if you get their early they are serving up donuts and coffee.

County Supervisor Neil Derry and a variety of other representatives from Federal and County agencies and local utility company representatives will be on the panel taking your questions. For more information call (909) 878-3091.

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