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Fawnskin gets its stripes

The mountain lake resort is buzzing with the news about Highway 330 finally being back open. It will make life much easier for those folks who are commuting and hopefully will help with the commerce across the mountain. Of course there will be a party and the road officially opens back up at 4:00pm on June 17, 2011. Unfortunately, this is not early enough for me and the big medical commute adventure!

Here in Fawnskin we got our stripes as evidenced in the above breaking non-news photo. Cal-Stripe was on the scene on Thursday morning to finish the job.

Although locals were optimistic about the cinders being cleaned up–there are still a bunch on the side of the road but I think I can get a insider email to get some more attention to this issue and find out the answer to the liability question as well.

In regards to CalTrans and road work, the bridge dedication will be held on June 24, 2011 at 11:00am and I am sure a lot of partying is going to be going on!

You might have seen the Fawnskin Fire Boat dispatched earlier in the week. A young woman was rescued after she took a spill around the dam. We were on hand to witness the end of the rescue and the race to the boat ramp where the paramedics met the boat.

If you missed it, there are some nice new guard rails over on Highway 38 near the dam. We are hoping they put some in around the run off drainage areas otherwise we are going to have future amusement when any cars or trucks slide on ice and end up high centered in those puppies.

Now around town people have been talking about Fawn Park again. I was going to wait until the anniversary of its closure to rag on the whole situation again but I observed some new activity over that way this week. Then I spied this sign…

If you know anything about these things here in town, you know that the sign on the left is a lie. So why would we think anything different about the one on the right?

You tell me…

Anyway, this year makes five years that the park has not been open to the public. Old news around these parts.

Locally, some of us authors got together for the annual “feed your muse” with that now infamous literary pie (blueberry). It was a fun filled day with other local authors.

The good news about Patry Francis, the woman who is responsible for this whole thing, is that she has another book coming out.

In the early days I read her blog, she originally wrote about her adventures as a waitress on her quest to become a published author.

It is hard to believe that this tradition, sparked by her journey, has continued for six years now. It is a good thing she hung up those waitress shoes a while back and shared her journey with us and we are so happy she is doing well.

Writing can be a lonely adventure so it is good to get together and celebrate!

Plus that pie is quite the sensory experience–and it must be working for us all.

Rumors that the old location of Amangela’s is condemned is a bunch of hooey. The place is still up for rent but with the health department on the heels of whoever tries to make it into a restaurant and the uncooperative landlord, it is likely to remain empty for a while. And, speaking of Amangela’s–they are rocking. Don’t try and get in around Noon because it is almost always packed!

Alright, it is Friday and in June it is fundraising Friday here at the Flyer so be sure to leave GG a Tip now…and thanks for supporting her work!

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