Stupid, Stupid, Stupid

So, I wrote a little bit about the Big Bear child porn scandal last week. But after I spent some time looking into the issue a little further, I found the news spin appalling but really more stupid than anything else.

Although the photo was circulated around town, I missed it. However my pal had a good gander since his nephew had a yearbook in his hot little mitts.

My pal’s comment?

He thought it was innocuous since the photo showed the teens in the background with nothing really visible except an intimate touch. Truth be told, depending on who you ask, the touch was thought to be a number of different places.

Now I didn’t see it myself so I have to take his word on it, but what crossed my mind as I pondered was this: Just how pornographic could a photo be if it was snapped in a public setting during a high school dance?

Seriously…think about it.

To make things a bit worse, I was also informed at least one of the kids involved in the “incident” was not allowed to participate in graduation AND that kids owning the yearbooks, and who did not return them, were allegedly threatened with legal action for participation in child porn–along with their parents.

OMG isn’t there more important stuff to pursue around these parts when it comes to enforcement?

Consider this, 1,000 or so people purchased the yearbook–so they were all going to be charged? Come on.

You just gotta ask who started the whole uproar anyway?

I mean, you’d think Big Bear High School is now the child porn capital of America especially if you check out the press and then ponder over the actions surrounding this incident.

Probably the stupidest thing about this story is that is hit the AP wire service and went national.

You’d think there was nothing else going on of any importance in the world.

The LA Times had a short snippet and longer article while the Press Enterprise reported, The photo may involve sexual penetration and constitutes child pornography, said Cindy Bachman, spokeswoman for the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department.

Locally, the Big Bear Grizzly stated that, The Los Angeles Times reported that Deputy Jeremiah MacKay of the Big Bear Sheriff’s Station said his investigation is ongoing, but that the photo showed that sexual penetration of a minor had occurred.

Emphasis mine–get the story straight.

By the way…Ewuh!

So, did it really occur and get captured in a photo–or did they just think it was likely?

Or was someone just embarrassed and the whole thing got out of hand?

But think about this a little more, how can you assess “penetration” from a photo when the activity was part of the background at a public event (one that is supposed to have adult supervision)?

How clear was it–or did someone blow it up for a closer look?

Double Ewuh–sorry I even went there.

To recap, was it simply two minors who were hot and heavy with each other? Or was this “penetration” a verifiable fact gleaned from the image versus someone’s active imagination?

Perhaps we will never know.

Now if you have not seen it, Psychology Today (Marty Klein) had this gem in the midst of a passionate opinion:

But “child porn” isn’t a photo of two teens groping, and the danger of child porn–of the physical and emotional exploitation of vulnerable children–isn’t posed by two teens groping. Prosecutions like this trivialize real child porn, and they do absolutely nothing to stop it. In fact, by diverting precious resources and distracting people with nonsense, busts like this are an obstacle to reducing real child porn.


By the way, what exactly was that picture? Or at least, what exactly did it show? No, you can’t have that information. The government has decided, without a trial (or a judicial order), that the picture is too dangerous for you to see–


Discernment and common sense, it seems to be eroding away.

Except for here at the Flyer of course–where I can now share with you the REAL non-breaking news that you’ve been drooling to hear.

Uh, hear the crickets? There isn’t much happening this week.

However, there are two BIG yard sales gearing up for this holiday weekend.

One yard sale will be at Moose Lodge 2085 starting June 30 through July 2, 2011. It is always a great one.

The other will be over on Brookside at Mohawk and will feature vintage glass and other goodies. I wasn’t given the dates or times but was told “it is in the Grizzly.”

Uh, just for future reference, that is the wrong answer when you are talking to GG as we know the ONLY trusted local news source around here is the Fawnskin Flyer.

Okay, enough for today.

Actually, I do have more news but since it is so slow–watch for it on Wednesday!

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