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heavy equipment
Above: Heavy Equipment becoming standard Fawnskin yard art?

When I began the Fawnskin Flyer, people were a bit concerned that GG (Gossip Girl) would be the tell all sort of gal.

At first people would warn each other about talking to me but now they tell me more than they ever did simply because I do use a bit of discernment.

As I first stated, “We won’t be malicious but we will be interesting.”

Some people take issue with that–but get over it or go read something else.

After all, nobody is forcing you…but you just can’t help yourself can you?

Heh, heh, heh.

I just have to say, if things are public knowledge, if people are talking about it, or if you are in the Sheriff’s log–well then–you are fair game.

BTW you did know that Big Bear just made national news for naughtiness too–right?

More on that in a minute…

This week I’ve had my ears filled with a bunch of different information.

For instance, over in Big Bear Lake some of the village merchants got the news to the fact that the mall owner has not been making payments on the mortgage.

Now it looks like the bank is going to step in but they are honoring the signed leases and word is that they are going to keep the place going in the meantime.

This is good news for merchants and for locals since many, many businesses reside there–including our favorite little coffee house that moved over and discovered that their business about tripled.

As my Aussie pals say, “Good on ya!”

But around Fawnskin it has been fairly quiet–and hot-cha-cha!

Post Master Mike has headed out on a short respite and Jimi is manning the fort. Never fear because PM Mike is just a phone call away.

However, GG promised him we would be good to Jimi and coach him along while the new PMR (Post Master Relief)  finishes learning the ropes.

It has been pretty darn warm this week and I am glad I turned on the water just prior to the weather change since it makes life a bit easier having things on a watering system.

I keep hoping to plant some pots of herbs but haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Around town people are getting into a gardening frenzy that is great for tasty veggies and also for an eye feast.

Kathy Hogue gets the prize along with the Post Office for the favorite gardens.

Speaking of which, local volunteers worked hard on the garden and on some clean-up around town. It seems that it is a never ending process.

Candy Hallstead told me that she is going to hold her annual Fawnskin Dumpster Day soon but I am still waiting on a date.

It is time, it is time…

Okay, so Big Bear made the national news with this child porn headline related to two minors and a photograph that was distributed via the High School yearbook.


Who is the editor anyway?

Now I know some kids around these parts get sexually active early (11 or so) but I thought the headline was a bit sensationalized until I read the actual definitions of child pornography here, here, and here.

But I have to ask if  this is sensationalism at its highest form? Is this really going to ruin the lives of some youngsters with the charges?

Not that I am defending anyone–but compare it to the guy in the village who was allegedly involved in child pornography–remember him?

He was an older man…and the photographs were VERY explicit and of young children.

The San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department confiscated the computer (at a local business since he viewed it at work) and rolled the guy up with the help of the business owners.

So I ask you, is this incident of teens infested with the raging hormones of puberty the same type of thing?

Are they going to charge these minors with pornography?

Who took the photos?

And, I also just gotta ask how many people misbehaved as youngsters or how many just go to the hotel room or parked car and don’t have snaps?

I am sure there are worse pictures kids take with their phones these days.

But I seriously find it bizarre that Big Bear made national news with this one.

Things must be really slow.

Think it is going to help with tourism this year?



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