Whining from the Woods

water building So, there was a lot of whining from the woods–or rather the mountain lake resort of Fawnskin this past holiday weekend.

Sometimes you just have to wonder just why we seem to get those untimely storms. You see, Highway 330 was open for holiday visitors but high winds and cold temperatures were not what was desired during one of the popular outdoor weekends. However, if you think about it that is probably better for businesses than just having people out on the lake.

Unfortunately, GG’s yard sale was a dismal failure and so I packed up fairly early and went to visit my neighbor who was having another yard sale just around the corner. It was a great visit prior to the weather turning later in the day when I found myself tossing all my packed up goods into boxes and stuffing them in my truck and storage area temporarily in anticipation of rain.

fawnskin water building The rain, sleet and snow on Sunday just confirmed my decision to nestle in and write. Plus, I am on another learning curve advancing my knowledge of all things mobile.

You see, GG is also a Geek Girl. Mostly I write about animals and do specialty search engine optimization work but I am always enrolled in something or another which keeps my mind occupied and me out of trouble–well mostly out of trouble.

Heh, heh, heh.

Around town a lot was going on. Although I missed the car show at Moose Lodge 2085, I did not miss the fab BBQ and catching up with a few neighbors. I haven’t been feeling very energetic so it was nice to get out for a little social interlude and some amusement–because if Fawnskin has anything, it is humor.

I also get to visit with those part time neighbors such as Wendy & RD.Wendy in Fawnskin The two have been scarce since they have been enjoying their grand baby who is now 17 months of age. Time sure does fly!

Up over on Grout Creek things are slowing down. I am overdue for a hike up the trail to see just what is happening but down around the bridge the water has slowed down and the build up of decomposed granite prevents any more fish from making their way up the creek.

However, further down the creek is full and attracting both nature’s wildlife and a wild life of a different sort–humans on kayaks or in canoes.

It is hard to believe we are already into June. Locals are already gathering wood for next winter but the willows and other plants have just started throwing their pollen and seeds.

It is about time to get those gardens going. My Aspens are filling in nicely but the weeds on the hillside have popped up too. It is interesting to watch how the seasons change and the indicators of the real status of things.

For instance, the lilacs have bloomed nicely and the birds have been nesting and launching attacks on unsuspecting visitors who trespass nearby. The mornings are lighter early and filled with bird songs. If we could just get a bit of consistent weather–it would be nice. So, consider that my special order for the week!

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