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So, GG is a slacker and posting later than normal but despite what you think, I actually do work and sometimes I get distracted by the “have to do” list.

Now you can solve this problem by volunteering to be a patron but until I get a good few on board you’ll just have to put up with it.

Anyway, not much is happening around these parts so I’ll have to stall before I get to some actual updates.

New from the other side of the lake makes GG ask, “Did you know that the first public two tower ski system in Southern California is here in Big Bear Lake?”

Yeah, me neither.

However, I got a indepth education yesterday from Desi over at Pleasure Point Marina.

You might know Desi already since he graduated from Big Bear High School and was the owner of Desi’s in the village.

But what you might not know is that he is well known in the action sport field for his outrageous skills as a snowboard park builder.

What you might not know is that he happens to own Designated Wakesports and is a personable sort of guy.

Anyway, he had one of his guys do a nifty demo for us boat babies during the Big Bear Chamber of Commerce mixer yesterday which you can enjoy the fun in my non-breaking news video above.

Karin is making me get out once in a while. AND I hate to admit that I had not been to Pleasure Point Marina–at least that I can remember anyway!

Today the place is looking pretty spiffy and offers a nice selection of water sports.

More on that another time.

The big breaking news is that Fawnskin Folks showed up to the mixer in record numbers.

During this social outing Karin introduced me to new neighbors Bob and Susan Curwen.

Both have been active in the teaching professional but Bob is now spending his time working in his artistic pursuits and so you should check out the Curwen’s Clay Studio and say GG told ya about ’em when you finally meet them.

They’ve been pretty social so far–so perhaps you already know them. This is why GG is known as a slacker.

Bob’s work is in a few notable galleries and so he will fit right in with some of the other creative folks hiding in the hills around these parts.

As far as Fawnskin, activities this week–it is a bit slow if truth be told–but some folks like it that way.

Neal said to mention tomorrow night is good for beef dip sandwiches or hamburgers over at Moose Lodge 2085.

Tomorrow also happens to be the full moon paddle.

If you are interested, get yourself down to Captain John’s Marina by 7:00pm.

Paddlers usually head out and spend a few hours enjoying non-competitive activities out on the lake.

Now Fawnskin’s part-time gal, Hope competed in the PaddleFest over the weekend but failed to call me to get me the breaking news as to how she ranked.

Tsk, tsk, tsk.

However, Captain John said he had a good time over at Meadow Park at the PaddleFest.

This was a nice bit of news since the venue left Fawnskin to the new location this year…despite the fact that we need more stuff here to attract tourist business and more local attention.

Over in my world, the Arizona Pipeline guys seem to have moved off to other parts and so it is going to be quiet again with any luck.

They’ve been working on our segment of the street for over two weeks now.

But have no fear, they are very congenial and helpful since they know it is a inconvenience to all us locals.

As for GG, well, she is writing away and “commuting” to my mobile office across the lake a lot these days.

But things are looking up and so perhaps I’ll see you again around town as I begin ambling in the future.

Finally, have any news or gossip? Share it in the comments.

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