Fawnskin Woodpeckers Out of Control!

woodpecker control

Woodpeckers are protected under the North American Migratory Bird Treaty Act and so you can get in some real trouble for using lethal methods to get rid of them despite the fact that they are damaging your home.

Yep, you need a Federal Permit.

Now, being the slacker that I am, I’ve actually been planning on writing an article on this topic for quite some time.

However, I am off the mountain today.

But don’t you fret since I found this nifty video to share!

So, yes, I really am going to do a post on woodpecker deterrents and control but check this baby out!

You just gotta love this guy–right?

See you on Friday but no promises that I’ll get that particular post done so quick.

Photo Credit: Steve Velo

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