Fortunate Fawnkin

So Fawnskin is fortunate for sure.

This weekend was literally filled with blessings since all Fawnskin Folks were invited to the consecration of Wat Dhammasujitto Buddhist Meditation Temple.

Lots of neighbors attended, but I was fortunate to be there both Saturday and Sunday to bask in the blessings and the rare opportunity to be at a temple consecration.

Plus, I’m pals with these neighbors and my unofficial (and self-appointed) job is to make sure to take lots of snaps and videos for them–so I get to share a few with you.

The difference this time is that I officially was requested to take photos. And take them I did. Seriously, I haven’t sorted them yet but estimate snapping between 300-500 photos per day.

This was important since the event was of great significance.

Immediately following was the consecration was the first ordination–three monks and two novices who will reside in Fawnskin for a while.

Notable monks from throughout California and Thailand came to participate in the consecration along with droves of participants who arrived by bus and car for this amazing two day event. There were about 40 monks on Saturday and 98 or so monks participating on Sunday.

A representative from Buddhist television was on hand to cover the event for an upcoming documentary. We chatted over lunch and I discovered that he travels around the world to different events and served as a monk himself at one time before beginning this type of work.

Different news reporters and photographers were also in attendance from all over but noticeably absent was (*insert drum roll*) the Big Bear Grizzly.

Now you know that this was probably because they think nothing ever happens here in Fawnskin.

I know, I know, I keep ranting about that, but when you print such things and GG gets a hold of it, well–you know how I can get.

However, I have to say that I was thrilled to see a fair amount of people from around the valley anyway. Many made the long “commute” to peruse the festivities and munch on some great homemade Thai food.

Now, I do have to make one comment, or rather ask a question of the person who made the poor decision to call the sheriffs’ department to complain, Do you know what bad karma is?

You must.

Seriously, did you lose your mind?

GG’s guess is the culprit is probably a part-time home owner who doesn’t know that around these parts, where we all know each other, that the proper protocol is to go to talk to the neighbor first–or call them.

Or perhaps the call was made by a hopeless grump.

Anyway, rest assured the monks are praying for the culprit along with the rest of us–because they pray for all the neighbors every day and I think the we all should take notice and join in.

Now calling in and complaining was also a bit bizarre because temple representatives had me post an invite online, put up notices at the Fawnskin Post Office, AND temple representatives actually walked up and down the street inviting neighbors to come, eat, and celebrate with them.

And, truth be told, calling the sheriff is usually the last sort of thing you do around here.

But I have to say, things are looking up since the deputy actually knew where to go!

You might temember that discussion I had with the sheriff who told me that they knew that Fawnskin Folks took care of their own.

AND you might remember that he made sure to tell me that if I ever had to call to be sure to give good directions since they never get out this way and might get lost.

You thought he was kidding–but perhaps you remember when I did finally have to call the sheriffs department, that they actually called me from cruiser on North Shore Drive to ask for directions.

So the fact that this deputy actually navigated Fawnskin means things are looking up!

Oh, did I go too far off on a tangent again?

Dang it.

Ultimately, I am happy to report that this once-in-a-lifetime event wasn’t hampered by the complaint to law enforcement (or poor weather) because it was so filled with happiness, good will, and prayer that nothing negative happened nor was anyone’s spirit dampened.

Since there wasn’t any problem, it ended up being a great thing for the deputy because he arrived to find a peaceful gathering.

I mean if you get a call and then find praying monks, no alcohol, no disorder, AND get personally invited to stay by temple representative Suvi Nelson–you gotta consider it that a good thing, right?

Plus, he got to help out a visitor whose vehicle was temporarily disabled.

The big perk?

Boy is he gonna have some stories to tell over coffee and donuts!

Plus he can share the nifty link so people can see his picture with Suvi.

Okay, back to a little serious business as there is brief amount of non-news.

As you know, GG is a slacker since she hasn’t been out and about for a while.

So, when I asked Mike, of Fawnskin Market fame, if anything was new–and he said no, I pressed the issue.

Doris (the former owner) would cough up a lot of dirt but Mike isn’t so inclined.

However, what I did find out is that he and his wife are expecting their first baby in September.

Plus, he isn’t as big of a work-o-holic as before now that he has that beautiful wife so he is living a more balanced life and taking some time off.

And I know that inquiring Fawnskin minds want to know what the big hot seller at the market was this weekend…ice!

Fireworks Frenzy
If you heard the whooping and a hollering, it was over around the Grout Bay public area since people were getting restless over the late start for the fireworks display.

But you know, rain kinda puts a real damper on all things–especially fireworks.

You know, water is something we use to put out f-i-r-e .

My neighbors were having a rip-roaring time under the eaves as it poured.

As for me, I amused myself from the deck watching traffic and listening to those silly people who thought their elevated cries might make a difference.


Not to be quick frank, I’ve seen a lot of fireworks in my life but only one temple consecration so I wasn’t to excited about the show as I had my fill of weekend festivities elsewhere.

I missed the Moose Lodge 2085 BBQ for the first time since I’ve lived here but I prefer Thai food anyway so I’ll recover.

Plus, I am glad things are settling down for a short bit before the next exciting onslaught.

Neighbor News
Okay so the truth is that one of the reasons I enjoy holiday weekends is because it means that I get to have a nice visit with neighbors who don’t live here full time.

Pia & Ron actually opened their home to host some of the monks and it is always great to see them.

Over at Wendy & RD’s I got a gander at some vintage photos RD’s grandfather took.

They included a snap of Gandhi and his wife along with other assorted photos from the 1936 Olympics in Nazi Germany–and a nice one of Jesse Owens.

The truth is, around these parts you can discover a lot of interesting things if you just take the time to do so.

I wonder what would happen if you took a stroll to drop by a neighbor’s house–try it this week and then report back.

You know I’ll be waiting.

Talk to you again on Friday–and let me know if you have any dirt news to share by using the comments.

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2 Responses to “Fortunate Fawnkin

  • 1
    July 6th, 2011 11:52

    I don’t know if you follow but a certain person from Fawnskin was bitching mightily about the commotion at the temple. Apparently the overflow tried to occupy her gazebo, and she took umbrage. I’m sure it interrupted her obsession with the Casey Anthony trial, and feeding her husband (who has heart problems) waffles, eggs, bacon and such.

  • 2
    GG (Gossip Girl)
    July 6th, 2011 14:59

    I read the news there but not the discussion area. Sounds bizarre since there is only one gazebo in the area and the people attending were on the two pieces of property adjacent to the temple and parking over behind the lodge and along the road for the most part. All gave permission and temple representatives reached out to just about everyone. A few neighbors said it was loud but they realized what a big event it was and that since it was only a couple of days, they just shrugged it off. I could understand if it was at night but this was a permitted day event. There is a lot of other things that go on that should be regulated so the sour puss probably is miserable anyway…but the monks are praying for her so maybe that will help with her bad karma!