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So, GG got the scoop on the Arizona Pipeline activities around town. The gas crews are busy upgrading the lines and the good news is that they have a tank system in place.┬áThis means that they don’t have to turn the home gas lines off and on during the project.

Both full-time residents and part-time dwellers are relieved. The crew leader told me that they have to put out the notices anyway but if you refrain from draining the tanks while they are working, all your pilots should still remain lit and working without interruption of service versus having to arrange the recharging and relighting of the gas lines.

Now a lot of folks called the office, including me, and they didn’t have any answers. So, it would have been helpful to have that little bit of information up front.

This is why it pays to chit-chat with the crews around town. You can always discover new and exciting things!

arizona pipeline crew in fawnskin

In other non-news, the pollen has been making some locals miserable. Once the sun comes up you can see the willows throwing their unique concoctions it into the air.

If that wasn’t enough, the wind does a fine job of dusting everything with that nice yellow pine pollen.

yellow pine pollen

Itchy eyes, coughing, and sneezing is something a lot of locals are dealing with as a result.

Local honey is supposed to help with such allergies but it has been hard to come by of late.

So, those nifty little allergy pills might be helpful.

belgian draft horses camp whittle

On Tuesday, GG and a few other business owners took a trip up to Camp Whittle for adventures with the Big Bear Chamber of Commerce and camp staff members.

Of course, the favorite activity was meeting the two Belgian Draft Horses who lugged a wagon full of people on a mini-tour through a portion of the 125 acres.

Now I’ve been up to the camp since the 2007 fire but the memory of the burn is still fresh. I ambled up while things were still smoldering when we were allowed to return to Fawnskin.

This week it was good to see the charred areas are in recovery but it is still possible to view just how close the fire came to the camp buildings. Amazing that these things take so much time and hard to believe that was four years ago.

Camp Whittle was established in Fawnskin back in 1958 by the Whittles and named after Harold F. Whittle. Run by the YMCA, it has ties back to 1844.

Josie, the new director, hopes to attract more local participation via the PTA but any student with affiliations to a YMCA can attend summer camp which is an exciting fun week of adventure and education. There are some new family programs being offered as well.

Okay so weekend festivities are going to keep locals and visitors busy.

Notable events include the free fishing option available throughout California (July 2), the Wat Big Bear Consecration here in Fawnskin (July 2), and the Zoocasion at Moonridge Animal Park (July 2-3).

Of course there are a variety of other activities over the weekend including the annual 4th of July celebration at the convention center and the annual fireworks over the lake but GG knows you can get that info elsewhere.

Be sure to drop by Moose Lodge 2085 here in Fawnskin for the annual yard sale and bbq–which is always satisfying and fun.

BTW this weekend also makes it the sixth anniversary of the Fawnskin Flyer. I’d say that isn’t too bad for a little rag that started out as a joke!

Have a great holiday weekend and I’ll be back Wednesday unless I just can’t help myself.

Pine Pollen Photo Credit: Lore

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