New Trash in Fawnskin

Yep, it is true, there is new trash in Fawnskin. Seriously! One of the local bears discovered J & J’s trash. The two have been working hard on the house and word gets around to forest folks.

Jen and Jay (or is it Jerry? You know neighbors are arguing with me about this now–and all those J’s serve to totally confused me!) have been sprucing up their place and report that a trash digger of the forest came to explore.

This is a good reminder to put your trash out in the morning not the evening prior to trash pick up if you have the service. Remember GG shared tips in Black Bear Buzz?

Anyway, the post title was Jennie’s idea and contrary to your belief–she thought it was funny and said go ahead and run it! Always nice to know I am not going to get in trouble again over something silly.

She believes a local pup lost his or her toy and so also asked me to post this picture…

If you know who it belongs to, drop by to pick it up. She has it on the fence post on the Mohawk side of the house.

Fawnskin Flyer by eMail
So, some of you already know that I am moving the email list over to a new service. The $1.97 per month will get you emails of updates here and also some tips. If you got my emails this morning, ignore the first one and just click the link in the second one and sign up.

If you are new and want to join, consider yourself lucky and just click here to sign up.

Nothing much is happening around here but I’ve been ambling about a little which is how you discover a whole lot.

Last night I headed down to Captain John’s Marina to cover the babes on boards event. Designed for fun for women of all ages, it was happening as you can see from the nifty slide show.

Downtown, the new insulation and roof is done at the old Hog’s Haven/Pizza Place. There has been a least one business rental inquiry and this facelift and structural improvement really helps to spruce up downtown Fawnskin which is a great thing.

downtown fawnskin

Speaking of rentals, there are two available in town so far and a few East of the downtown area.

The Fox place is a one bedroom with a view and a small two bedroom on Navajo will be open in September.

Hard to believe that fall is right around the corner already!

Now do we have new additions to signage in town or have I simply just not noticed?

fire station 96

Big news down at Moose Lodge 2085–they are offering a few snacks during the day.
moose lodge 2085Since they open at 10am, this is a good thing! Burritos, buffalo wings, hot sausages, pickled stuff, chips and a few surprises are available.

Drop by and report back. I think posting a picture of Loni gets someone a beer or two…or is that just Dave?

Over at Fawn Park there has been activity and people rushing the gates to see what is going on. I noticed an angel in there now and some other repairs, and a lot of gardening. Maybe I’ll get some breaking news photos for you when I get back.

Speaking of photos, the Doo Dah Parade is scheduled for July 30th at 10am. Still time to get your applications in. I won’t be in town to take photos and so hope that Correspondent Rick or someone else will take pity on me.

I am heading out of here for a time so you won’t be seeing me. My aunt is 91 and I am heading over to have a visit with her and a couple of framily members.

So, I might take some time off but I’ll let you know…and remember. You can always leave your dirt news in the comments for me.

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One Response to “New Trash in Fawnskin

  • 1
    July 23rd, 2011 11:36

    Your on the scene reporter wants GG to know, the Old Miners parade in Big Bear Lake passed through the Village.
    Total time was 30 minutes. That is the GOOD news. The bad news is, what a joke. The Doo Dah parade in Fawnskin on July 30 is usually more entertaining, and about as long. It may be time to let the horse be buried and move on.
    From the Parade, “Bad Bear”