Activities & Irritants in Fawnskin

Before I get to the Fawnskin irritants, I have to say that Fawnskin was bustling with activity over the last weekend with so many different events happening around town that it made your head spin. Lots of visitors filled the town and supported the local businessses that had the sense to be open.

Antique Car Show Fun Run

A little know fact is that Fawnskin is also one of the best locations to view the Antique Car Club’s Fun Run and people lined the streets to cheer. Fortunately, correspondent Rick was one of those folks who took some amazing pictures of them crusin’ through Fawnskin and you can view the village hot rod show too. Thanks Rick!

Fawn Park

In the midst of the activity I learned that Fawn Park is supposed to reopen officially on September 11, 2011 after a delay that, “Ingels blames some delays on local politics.


Seriously, such nonsense gets GG’s panties in a bunch since the only thing that has delayed the park opening is his shenanigans. Taking personal responsability for such happenings would be a nice change but is something none of us expect based on past behavior.

Need a refresher? Access some of the past Fawn Park links. Or, if you are so inclinded, as a few neighbors about the letters, phone calls, and other experiences surrounding attempts to get the park open since it was first closed.

Since I saw the first press on this issue last week, I imagine we are going to see a whole lot more surrounding this event. Most Fawnskin residents will likely be happy to have the park open again but we have been enjoying the other three parks around town in the meantime.

The Fawn Park event will take place September 11, 2011 from Noon until 6:00pm. Let’s hope this ends all the “feuding” as the park owner says. Remember my phrase, “Don’t hold your breath”? Keep that in mind. And darn, I have a previous commitment. (That is sarcasm in case you missed that.)

Marina Point

Marina Point development, most commonly known to locals as the old Cluster Pines campground area, was another area of heavy activity as tree removal has resumed.

The last thing I heard was that the project was going forward. Friends of Fawnskin is now offering an Environmental Tour where you can obtain a map to guide yourself around. If you decided to do this on September 24, 2011 between 9:00am until Noon an FOF representative will be available at each site to discuss issues and answer questions.

Kayaks & Canoes

If you have not noticed there has been a lot of kayaking and canoe activity out on the lake. Hope managed to get me out in a canoe. I look forward to getting back out on the water more as I continue to build up my stamina. So, if you know of a previously owned kayak for sale, or one I can use to do so, please leave me a comment.

Have a great week and I’ll chat with you on Wednesday.

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